aud channel

Discussion in 'Forex' started by PaulRon, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. PaulRon


    here's an aud channel
  2. Extraordinarily short time frame. Not sure much can be done without taking on significant risk.
  3. zosorock


    I think it depends. What is a reasonable risk to you?
  4. See? Channel was vaporized just like that. If I had played the channel and gone short at the top, I'd be screwed.
  5. PaulRon


    was just posting for a friend

    perfect trade
  6. zosorock


    Ah, I see, I thought you meant going long at the bottom. It seems to be still valid the way I see it. IMHO it is still trading within that channel/standard deviation.

    I made a bit of "monopoly money" (demo account) on it :D Went short @ 0.6641, out @ 0.6631 ($100). Then went long at 0.6635, out @ 0.6665 ($300). Both at 100:1 leverage betting $1,000.

    I know you are veteran, so, in your opinion (which I highly regard), you do not think it is worth it to shave a few pips here and there in the 1-min chart?

    Thank you!
  7. PaulRon


    thru 38 fib and some resistance
  8. PaulRon


    im out... need another entry

    10 to 1 risk to reward on this trade gotta love em

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