Auction Rate scandal. This is really pituful

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  1. Don't know how many of you are stuck in some kind of "auction rate paper", but this report , put out by Merrill Lynch on Feb 8, 2008, literally AS the market was being ABANDONED by the banks and brokers, is a real eye opener.

    This must be the most clueless analyst on Wall Street.

    " Nothing to worry about ladies and gents, and as usual, tonight's entertainment on our fine ship , the Titanic, is coming right up."
  2. The ghost of Henry Blodget.
  3. I've got some auction rates at Merrill and am very pleased. I don't need the money at this time and have been receiving penalty-rate interest for weeks(~6%+). Also triple tax free.
  4. Sounds like you're in something that you probably can sell eventually.

    If you had will them to your great grandchildren, would you be equally pleased?

    Many are stuck in low paying ARPS that they didn't even know their advisors put them in.

    It's a major scandal. We have lots of those lately.

    Bring back the public hanging NOW.
  5. Hey, I hear you. The second they tell me they can't liquidate my whole attitude will change. Crooks are everywhere.
  6. Once again, I am early and often.

    This is just NOW hitting the papers and I gave it to you in April.

    You don't deserve me.
  7. Who the hell is this directed to?

    BTW, I am out of my auction rates. ML made good.
  8. You guys are dumber than spit.
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    thank u very mutch
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