Au Revoir!

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  1. This site has become 99% useless to my trading. It's now riddled with useless chit chat in almost every thread. Alot of stabbing at one another. Could go on.

    The 1% that is useful is the nugget of information that one may come across that is enlightening but that is few and far between, and in the end not worth the time of visiting this site. Many good posters I've seen in the past just don't bother posting much any more. Hopefully, because they've chose not to rather than the market has hurt them.

    Only posting this to voice my opinion in that this site may someday be cleaned up.

    Good luck...
  2. Is there anything in the world that is of high quality and free that doesn't get bogged down in a useless mire? Is there any trading system that works and won't get ruined by the masses? Is there a free country that can truly stay "free"?

    I have friends that talk about the early stock chat rooms on AOL and how great they were. Looking back could anyone have expected that quality to last in such a mass market?

    Ultimately, that's what's so great about a "free" society, someone else will come along and start something new and fresh. Until that time, why not just try and pick out the best of the best posts and let us know when you find something new? :)

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    Damn....there is a LOT of information on this site if you use the SEARCH feature.

    What do you expect? To have it handed to you? You have to dig!
  4. can you give some specific names? :-/
  5. Tony Oz.