ATW BRNC, P/E is pretty low and still growing!

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    I like Transocean (Charts) and Atwood Oceanics (Charts). Transocean will probably earn about $7.25 this year and over $11 next year. Atwood's earnings should go from $4.30 in 2007 to $8.50 in 2008.
    two upgrade recently.

    Also this stock is recently hitting new high over and over again!

    You may also consider BRNC in this group.
    because it on
    and on

    Good luck. The P/E in this group seems to be very low, even as oil is at high level.
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    updates on the two stocks.

    BRNC is cheap for a reason. I was told land drilling is USA is over/done. Offshore is the way to go. Deepwater rate is up and profit will come after it in offshore companies. So far ATW is the best in this league. ATW is hitting new highs every day!!

    Up date on AWX

    Here is the chart. It tells everything!
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