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    Getting short again on the next rally.

    Horrible earnings in Q4.
    Mass layoffs.
    Major competition on their cash cow (world of warcraft) by a superior game that is blowing people away (Rift), and two bigger name games coming this year (Tera and a Star Wars MMO).
    Customers are so upset on their forums that they are banning anyone that even peeps about any other games or complains about their latest expansion. They aren't announcing how many have quit, but people I talk to say the online servers are emptying out.
    Guitar hero is over.
    Gamers liked MW better than Black Ops; brand loyalty has eroded.

    The only thing holding it up is management's stock buy back, but their optimism is really arrogance. The smaller studios are eating them alive and will continue to do so.

    Highest p/e in the industry, even after the beating it's taken since the last earnings.

    The technical chart is a major sell.

    Look to get short on anything over $11.

    Support at $10.50 and $10 range, then $9.