ATVI release of Call of Duty 5

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  1. Call of Duty is the most successful line of games in the gaming world. The Release of COD 5 World at War is released on Nov 11, 2008. The Downloadable Beta version is on Xbox Live but is only multiplayer. I am thrilled with this and from people i play with it will be a hit for 2008 and for Activision(ATIV). I just dont know what is to be expected from the stock.
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    Where did you hear about this stock? be honest.
  3. I'm warning you people right now. This game, Call of Duty 4 (and 5) is highly addictive. I originally bought this game for my son, but I ended up buying a 42" LCD and expensive pair of headphones for no other reason, but to play this game.

    This game is so damn immersive, and fun that hours of your day will suddenly just dissapear. The next thing you know, your wife or girlfriend will be looking at you like you've turned into some kind of teenage video game geek. :D

    You've been warned!
  4. they are also working on diablo 3 i think, that is still very beta though and not going to be out for a couple of years, but diablo 2 got best game of the year and still has a cult following due to the fact that MMORPG's changed so much afterwards, many of the d2 players are still wandering gameless~ ie new market share of players not just stealing from their other fee-generating games. i think ATVI will be a good one a few years out, but this market is no where near the lows right now.
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    This is a free country and people can do whatever they want to with their free time. However, with all due respect, video games are a supreme waste of time....
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    So is meditation, I suppose.

    Video games get you to focus, and train you reflexes, both mentally and physically. Not all video games, but the ones I play do help.
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    As is watching mindless shows on TV, reading books of fiction, sitting in a pub drinking... etc.
    and of course... responding to threads like this on ET. :)
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    If you're enjoying yourself, then the time isn't wasted.
  9. I haven't played a video game in 30 years since dumping quarters into Zaxxon in 1980.
    I was in Best Buy last month and wanted a game for my PC and bought a copy of Call of Duty 4 $49.99.
    Pretty cool game. It was a lot of fun and a great game.
    It was exciting and fun playing through the game for the first time but I have quickly lost interest right after playing it once.
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    halo 1, 2, 3?
    command and conquer series?
    civilization 1, 2, 3, 4?

    the list goes on...
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