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  1. Wow..what a great earning...Anyone here owning this stocks? I remember seeing this around 15s and I just sat out...Now already 47....:(
  2. That is a sore one...I had the Feb. $38's calls which I sold in December for tax loss purposes when, the stock, was $36/$37. Needless, to say those calls are $9. CLF, was a more recent one, as I had an order in when it was $8.50, didn't fill, closed the day at $8.80 and proceeded to head over $11 on Thursday. I still can't believe how far NVDA, AMD, EA and ATVI have come...AMD was $2's for years. Add in a video gaming league and gamers are taking over the world?lol
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    ...And eating DPZ while they do it apparently.
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    Any astute gamer or industry insider would have known that known that Blizzard would have been a good investment, when in the mid 90s they exploded onto the scene with the Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft franchises. It stems from the quality of their products, and the edict that the company had always lay down, which was completely against the grain of most other game producers at the time...

    "When will the game be released?"

    "When it is ready, and not before."

    BAM! *mic drop*

    Unheard of in an industry plagued with deadlines and quarterly reports. They took the high road and said "Fuck you! We're not going to release a buggy piece of shit on date XYZ just because some stakeholders want something new to announce to THEIR benefactors at their meetings. You really want it? You gotta' wait for it." That's gumption and true grit in trying to produce the best product you can for your target audience. THAT'S good business sense.

    Always liked Blizzard's style. And Activision? David Crane for the win.
  5. debating buying back in before the close to catch the pop tomorrow. Thoughts?