Attn: Wall-mart Shoppers

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  1. With the federal goverment handing out $2000.00 debt cards I would be willing to bet alot of that money will be spent at Wall Mart. Im in @44.50.
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    Not really.

    Lets assume 1 million families get the $2k, and they each spend half of it at walmart. Thats a whole $1 billion in extra sales. Walmart will have over $300 billion in sales this year.

    And this is with rather liberal assumptions.

    I doubt those sales will even make up for the lost business in all the closed stores in the hurricane region.
  3. Sorry thats $45.50

  4. I like the fact that their numbers have been ratcheted down on energy fears and everyone hates them, I feel very good about this trade, time will tell.
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    My dear friend WMT, I used to trade it for many years.
    Not sure of your time frame, but I see WMT getting back to 50 by Christmas if you have the patience.
  6. Im just tucking it under may mattress with a sell order @47.90. Everyone seems to hate it, thats why I kind of like it. Its right down on support.
  7. Probably a better thread for the stocks forum but I'll chime in.

    IMO the increased cost in gasoline will soak up enough discretionary income elsewhere that walmart will likely guide down next quarter or slightly miss atleast on the top line which would more than mitigate whatever they take in from this handout which concidently is going to eventually come from everyone's income anyway.

    That stock is so big pretty much does what the spoos do. What's your time frame for this trade? A week, a month?

    Don't know that I'd want to be in for what could be a rocky christmas season, retail seems like a good sector to short this fall to me ofcourse my avg hold time is usually around an hour sometimes a full day if they trend.

    Someone on cnbc probably said it matter what the business, everyone is gonna blame Katrina for sluggish sales that can. Some bait and tackle shop in South Dakota has a bad month....Katrina did it. :-S


    good luck with it.
  8. To be the devil's advocate, Wal-Mart sales can go up when the public's discretionary income decreases. I was at the Sam's Club gas station Wednesday of last week at lunchtime and the wait was half an hour as the fuel prices were $.40 to .60 per gallon cheaper than other places in my area. And of course the Sam's Club is owned by Wal-Mart and is right next to the Super Wal-Mart.


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    I like the chart. Looks like low downside risk from here. Since you traded WMT many years, What call options would you buy? I like to use leverage when the downside is minimal.
  10. Good Discussion, but this thread is best suited for the stock forum, so that is where its moving to.
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