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Discussion in 'Trading' started by seasideheights, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Did you hear Cramer on cnbc Tuesday afternoon say he wasn't against a trader tax?

    He thinks it's ok to pay $271 in taxes to buy & sell 1,000 shares of WMT, since that's what the 1/4% transaction tax would call for.

    Do you want to pay taxes that high in addition to capital gains taxes & even on losing trades?

    If not, why not write James Cramer at TheStreet.Com that you're paying him for, and let him know your viewpoint.
  2. is a pay service now?
  3. is a paid service as is actionalerts and the other pay services under umbrellas.
  4. I just have to ask.

    Why do you think he would give a rat's ass?
  5. Most business owners don't want to infuriate their customers.

    I don't think too many traders want to pay a tax that would severely, if not entirely, remove their profit margin. Do you?
  6. TV entertainers aside, the govt does not care what traders want. They are not asking. They will impose whatever tax they desire. How would traders revolt? Stop trading, thus robbing the govt of the tax income? Talk about cooking the golden goose. We would likely keep quiet and swallow it, and the majority of us know it.

    I can see it now, a million traders with wifi laptops marching on DC, holding up the march periodically to make a trade, move a stop, adjust this trendline...
  7. You really do not understand Cramer's business model. You are not a part of it.

    Welcome to over a year ago. This has been in discussion way before you got around to the topic. Noone gives a rat's ass about self employed traders. There is little to nothing that you can do as there is no organization or lobbying power on your side.
    Think ahead.