Attn Republicans,would you want Palin or Rand Paul as the 2012 Republican nominee ?

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Republicans,would you want Palin or Rand Paul as the 2012 Republican nominee ?

  1. Yes

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  1. Would you Republicans want Palin or Rand as the Republican Nominee in 2012 ?
  2. Wallet


    If that was the only choice in opposition to the current administration, YES.
  3. If they are not the only choices . Would you want Palin or Paul as the Republican nominee over any other Republican ?
  4. That is a really stupid question. Rand and Palin are very different politicians with very different positions.

  5. Would you want either one ? Its that simple
  6. LIBERAL MORONS are OBSESSED with Rand Paul, just like they were OBSESSED with Sarah Palin.

    LIBERAL MORONS have focused on Rand Paul since he won the primary election. Most of the reporting on Rand Paul has come from left-of-center media. ALL of the threads here on ET about Rand Paul have been started by LIBERAL MORONS.

    BTW, LIBERAL MORONS have started hundreds of threads here on ET about Sarah Palin. It seems that LIBERAL MORONS have shifted their obsession from Palin to Paul. Is the LIBERAL MORON obsessed focus on Rand Paul temporary or permanent? Only time will tell.
  7. In a Presidential primary would you vote for Rand over Romney,Palenty,Hagel,Newt,etc ?
  8. Although I'm not a republican, I'd certainly love to see a Paul ticket.

    I would not like to see a Palin ticket.

    As I said, they are very very different.
  9. Based on what I know about the candidates today, my answer would be NO.

    Do you plan to blindly vote for Obama no matter who the Republicans nominate in 2012?
  10. The only Republicans I can stomach is Romney and Chuck Hegel

    I used to like Romney because at one time he agreed that everyone should have health care(Romney care and Obama care are nearly the same),was pro choice and other centrist/near left views.He has changed now to cater to the wacko right so he has loss any chance at getting my vote

    Hagel is an honorable man who is to the center and has never changed his positions to cater to the wacko right.He would have a shot at my vote depending on how the rest of Obamas term plays out

    So other then Hagel ,yes Obama has my vote.I would still favor Obama though if elections were held today
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