attn, New Traders-Read this and learn

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  1. trading is about many thing it is'nt about is listening to so called experts on tv or the radio. i was listening to bloombers radio(which i love) yesterday and a bunch of guests as well as the commenator said Lehman came out and did a smart thing yesterday to re assure investor confidence in the company. this was after the market closed. they all felt it was great for lehman and all the financials. guess what? Lehman is down over 35% this morning so next time you look for an all clear signal to buy a stock do what i do,look at the chart/price action and ignore the will lose all the time.
    all those guys on bloomberg were'nt pumping or talking their book,they all truely believed lehman bottomed yesterday. just goes to show a harvard business school degree has as much to do with trading/investing as having a physical education degree does with being a great baseball player.
  2. Good point.
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    Remember this, corruption is the substitute for intelligence. Always was and always will be.

    Just follow the tape.
  4. remember what i tell everyone.
    "the media says what wall street is doing but the tape actually shows it".