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  1. do any of you listed traders have any info on certainm research or how they move, how there specialist work ect....that i could look u could educate a newbie trader:)

    also what are the best listed stocks to trade...cause i am just going to get a list of like 5 and just always watch and trade them.....ive got a few of my favorites..but id like your opinions thanks!!:D
  2. nitro



    If I were in your position, I wouldn't take the info from anyone.

    Here is my one advice to you:

    Pick one stock in the SP500 (my favorite is GE) and watch every tick for two weeks during Dead Zone. Keep a journal and write what you think you see. Take a few shots when you have formed a theory. Write the reasons for the trade. Slowly, move to watching the stock the entire day, starting with the morning session. Don't just watch price action, keep a clock that dings every fifiteen minutes or something so that you are also taking cues from time.

    Guess what you have at the end - just what you are asking for here, except it will be worth that much more to you, because it was your own blood sweat and tears...

    And BTW, when you have worked that hard for it, you may find it a little anoying when someone asks for what took you all that sitting and concentrating for nothing. Try it, you'll see....

  3. Also remember that the higher the volume on the stock, the less large bids/offers will affect its movement. Tape reading a stock with 250k vol/day is going to be far different from watching GM or IBM.

    The brokers - GS, MER, etc - are often considered to be more difficult to trade.

    I like BAC - trading off of relative strength versus the futures, especially at the open.

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    I actually think this is a smart request. There are definitely some specialist you want to avoid. i agree with the previous post that the brokers are very difficult to trade and i would stay away. also, txn and ibm can be real jerks, i.e. bad fills, hold cancellations, ignoring their dot book, etc. i somewhat agree with nitro that you will just have to see which ones work best for you. but i see no reason to trade the notorious ones who will steal your money!!! i hope a good "do not trade" list develops on this thread.
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    BZH, which by the way is traded by the IBM specialist. So he neglects the stock while he's busy screwing people in IBM, then comes back to BZH and screws you twice as hard to make up for it.
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    Find a stock that trades on the NYSE and at least one major ECN with solid liquidity... Steer clear of the AMEX.
  7. great idea!