Attn JayF: E-Signal's Erroneous ES Volume on Daily Chart

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  1. Jay,

    Here's the situation:

    On your DAILY CHART DATA for the ES (and the NQ), the volume bars lag by a day. For example, today's volume bar (10-27-03) is actually the volume for last Friday (10-24-03); last Friday's volume bar is the volume for last Thursday, etc. Today's volume will show up as tomorrow's volume bar!

    I've reported this problem to your support people more than once for over 6 months and nothing has been done. I've given up on your support department to handle this. I would appreciate it if you looked into it.

    See attachments.
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    As Artie Johnson used to say with that German accent on Laugh-In, "Verrrry Interesting"
  4. JayF_eSignal

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    First off, thank you for your patience and persistance.

    I'm unsure if you have seen this FAQ, but in case you or other readers of this thread haven't, I've posted it as reference.

    We currently have senior engineers looking into changing the way we handle certain symbols' volume, and will post updates to that FAQ if changes are coming.

    Thanks again.
  5. Just in case you missed seeing my post, I've updated it with today's data.

    Today's volume bar is showing yesterday's volume. The volume bar is static and doesn't update. This is very misleading to unsuspecting users who usually don't cross check the data feed's volume data with the GLOBEX report.
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  7. Jay,

    Thanks for the response. I've seen the FAQ. It was almost a year ago when I first reported this problem. I've been told, in the following order: (1) that it was my computer/software that was malfunctioning; (2) that the CME didn't release real-time volume data; and (3) that the E-Signal data feed was programmed to report volume data that way, so it was not a bug and therefore there was nothing to fix.

    After many frustrating conversations with your support people, I suggested that E-Signal should just leave the current day's volume bar blank and report the prior days' volume. That way, at least the prior days' volume bars will correspond to the correct day. That suggestion was rejected.

    This is a very serious issue that hasn't been resolved since at least the time I've been a customer of yours. It is very misleading the way E-Signal reports the daily volume. I've told other E-Signal users about this problem and they were all unaware that you were reporting daily volume with a lag.

    When do you expect to have this issue fixed, if ever? Is it still E-Signal's position that this is "not a bug" and is therefore not being addressed?

    Thanks again for your response.
  8. icarus,

    I complained too, several months ago. At that time I was told (by eSignal, Andy I believe) that there was no intent to change this due to a major programming issue.

    I was also told there was an easy work around by writing an EFS script to stagger the volume bars. As a matter of fact I myself suggested this.

    Guess what. Ignored again. And again, and again. The sad truth is esignal either is really messed up or they don't care or both.

    And to belabor the point, I still haven't heard about my alert problem which I complained about over 2 months ago. Every time I bring it up here, they tell me to send them info on the problem and how they're "really sorry" this happened. I've gone through that routine at least 3 times on that issue alone.

    And in a PM, I was specifically told NOT to bring these issues up at elite. They said do it on their own forum. Well, I tried that too. Asked a simple question about alerts. Never got an answer.

    Right now realtick just sucks, and q charts has limited capabilties. TS might be an option, but their is just enough I find useful about esig to stay on. Not exactly a happy customer though, and certainly no reason to be loyal.
  9. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll forward some very "interesting" PM's I have had with support.
  10. bundlemaker,

    I recall discussing this issue with you in paltalk. So far as I know, there is no work-around for this problem.

    It's been a frustrating experience with E-Signal support and I've pretty much given up on the issue. But I saw how responsive JayF was on this forum so I decided to give it another shot. I'm not holding my breath, though.

    I've been a loyal E-Signal customer since I started using Ensign Windows over 2 years ago. But after this year's contract is up, I'll certainly be looking at alternatives.

    I haven't seen you in paltalk lately. What's the scoop?
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