attn IB TWS traders - get new Java RC ...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by scriabinop23, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to give a heads up...

    Java release candidate 6 (from sun's java website) is incredibly quick and nimble compared to the previous version. TWS flies, and charting is practically zero lag.

    backup your trade screens before updating though - it clears em out.
  2. Big props for pointing this one out!

    It works amazingly well, it's like on steroids now, exactly what ADD guys like me are looking for :D
  3. lcw


    I had just installed and tested the new Java released.
    The loading up of chart with bars or candles were much faster.
  4. just21


    I agree, this is blazing fast. A new feature turnes up in TWS, the trade dashoboard. How do you get this to display, I selected some filds and added a stock but no joy. I did not lose my quotes or option trader when i upgraded.
  5. nuttin' for mac? am in serious need of a turbo here.
  6. i downloaded the new SE6 java for mac from apple developer.

    again, like the previous version it is not automatically activated to work with all application and tws is still workin' with the previous version.

    with SE5 i recall there were a few commands to enter from terminal in order to get things goin'.

    just wonderin' if there are any mac users out there that have already everythin' up and runnin' and can help me out.

    cheers :)

    res, are u there? :D
  7. Has anyone seen any improvement in TWS in plain quote speed/updating when updated to newest java? Or does this just apply to charts and other features?
  8. I would also like to know the answer to this question,maybe someone from IB could respond.