Attn Baron: upgrade your software to allow for self moderation of threads!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by B. Rowshan, Jul 2, 2009.

Does ET need self moderation of threads?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. baron,

    Successful traders will not start quality threads anymore because there are always a few slimy maggots who are intent on wrecking them. This hurts YOUR website.

    EricP offered a great idea. This idea would totally solve the problem of parasites wrecking threads.

    The choice is yours baron. pay for the software to allow for self moderation as realistically outlined by EricP. or continue to watch forums such as "trading" become a baron wasteland.

    I will never start a new thread until there is self moderation as outlned by EricP's suggestion. I don't need to emplore others to follow suit because it is so obvious that already quality posters refuse to start new threads. ET is so void of quality now it is a joke. You can dramatically improve ET if you choose to allow for self moderation.

    It should be the right of anyone starting a thread to ban posters and delete (but not modify) specific posts by slimy trolls intent on wrecking threads. All the "no" votes here will be from the port1385's of ET who enjoy ruining threads.

    Do the right thing and don't be so damn cheap!
  2. bronks


    That's funny. I tried to moderate my own thread and was told that I'd be "...taken out". Oh, and, it was the moderator who told me that. Go figure.
  3. mxjones


    Rowshan, I don't think you can moderate your own thread when you can't even show the discipline to only post a thread once, to one forum.
  4. The poll results speak for themselves.

    Maybe baron feels he does not need to answer to the dedicated members who help keep him in business.

    Fair enough. Bye.
  5. Actually, this right here is a good reason NOT to put the feature in place.
  6. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    What message board allows moderating your own thread? I've never even seen that ability on any message board.

    Furthermore, here are some of the reasons why such a feature won't be implemented:

    1. Every thread started will essentially have a different moderator, each with his own standard of what's acceptable and what isn't. You think the standards are all over the map with the handful of moderators we have now? Wait til' everybody is a moderator!

    2. The capability of mass post deletion, meaning that if a user has a popular thread and then later decides to leave the site for good because he blew out his trading account or whatever, he may decide to also delete his threads or the replies of others, which will leave a LOT of people very pissed off.

    3. Conflict of interest. I don't think you can have your own thread and be a very objective moderator at the same time. Some people are power hungry, egotistical, thin-skinned, etc., which makes them poorly suited to moderate the posts of other people.
  7. EricP


    Silicon Investor implemented this system years ago (moderated threads by OP, with the ability to ban users from the thread - but no post deletions), and it worked extremely well in the situations that we now face on ET => such as chronic poisonous and obnoxious posters ruining otherwise good threads.

    1. Let's assume self moderation applies only to threads in the Journals section. IMO, there is absolutely nothing wrong with differing moderating standards in that forum. In other words, "if you don't like my Journals thread, stay off it", etc. Possibly a member could be limited to one or two self moderated Journal threads per month, although I'd be happy with one or two self moderated threads per year => To create a place to put quality content for the benefit of others (and ET), without having it constantly being pissed upon by idiots.

    2. Regarding max deletion. Sounds to me like a valid objection on your part. To solve this potential issue, simply make self moderation only apply to posts made within the past 7 calendar days. Or, less useful but still helpful improvement would be to allow the OP to ban future posts by the flamers, but not delete anything.

    3. I think this is a bad conclusion. IMO find some other way to correct the egotistical, immature idiots among us. For example, only allow limited number of self moderated threads for each member, or only allow members of certain 'status' (membership duration, or community feedback rating, or non-obnoxousness indicator) to self moderate.

    Bottom line (IMO): If you want to generate more quality posts from successful and knowledgeable traders, then something needs to be done (=>I could name a dozen ET members that collectively made over 40 million in profits last year, and only one of them posts frequently on ET anymore). However, if ET would get a greater overall benefit from the ongoing flaming and immature abrasive drivel which can create many posts and potential page views, then don't make a change.

    It's certainly a business decision, and in your shoes, I'd do whatever looks most profitable in the long term. I would hope that would be a higher quality site with better content and less drivel, but if the cost/benefit analysis looks better with flame wars and immature abrasive drivel from clueless trader wannabes, then I fully understand.
  8. I got an e-mail from a fellow friend about EricP complaining after I stopped posting... so here I am... back just for this...

    This is a public forum, and Baron's done a great job with this site.

    EricP, you got flamed and I burnt your ass because you were posting stupid stuff. You and your followers came in and attacked me but I stuck around to make my point. Your followers kept on emphasizing and kissing your ass about your Blotter posts in the P&L Thread. I emphasized on the logic and content of what was written regardless of their attitude.

    All you had to do was reply and answer... but all you did was mention that you put me on ignore while your followers attacks me blind-sighted, making them an easy bait, only to make my opinions stand stronger. I had a journal just recently like how you want to and I actually take time to debate with the dude and make my point. Even on other threads, when I disagree on something, I try to take some time and debate with the dude. I don't go around complaining to Baron or use my troops (other alias???) to do the attacks while your "EricP" handle stays clean and untouched. You are the biggest hypocrite of what you praise and pretend to be.

    All you want is a one-minded thread that only praises and agrees with what/how you think. You want to manipulate information and opposing opinions so that people can look up to you. If you want a place to write stuff where only the people who agree with you and look up to you can post their stuff... start your own blog or forum. Censor all the information you like there. Seriously, what you are doing is like asking Baron to get rid of all the negative posts or feedbacks in the Brokers/Software/Books section, so that it stays as a 5 star rated service. Again, you are the biggest hypocrite of what you praise and mention as what it takes to become a "profitable trader".

    Also, stop with all that... I know people who make xxxx amount of money. Thinking that really makes a difference with the crudentiability of the actual "content" of what the person post is just shallow. You don't hear me writing about how much I make and pushing that weight to gain some crudentials on this site.(OK, only once because your followers were attacking me in and out of the thread via PMs...).

    * EricP mentioned that he has me on ignore... so he won't read it anyways....
  9. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Right, and that site has become completely useless since then. Their site ranking has dropped completely off the map. Do you know anybody that even uses that site any more? I don't.
  10. mxjones


    I hit that site up all the time when I dial-up using my Prodigy Internet service.

    #10     Jul 2, 2009
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