ATTN: All professional/prop firm owners and managers.

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by axehawk, Apr 29, 2002.

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    ATTN: All professional/prop firm owners and managers.

    Due to all of the shameless self-promotion I have witnessed over the past few months on this site, I have decided to shamelessly self-promote myself.

    I am graduating this week with a degree in Finance with a specialization in Capital Markets. I am looking for a firm with excellent training program and a reasonable compensation package (fees, commissions, payout %, etc.). Every decisions I have made the past few years has been geared toward pursuing a career in trading.

    I will not get into specifics of my credentials, but if anyone out there is hiring and interested in receiving my full resume, please private-message me or reply to this post. And no, I do not have $25,000 to put down.




    Without the 25k, I doubt you'll get any interest from the firm managers here...Good luck anyway.:)
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    Don't swim with the sharks while you are a minnow.
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    No thanks. I am a trader and that's all I'll ever be. I'm just looking for someone to give me a chance.
    I am not a complete newbie and I know what I am getting into. I do have some experience in the industry.

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    full of guts and inexperience with a whole lot of stubbornness
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    You are making me laugh.. you can get some one to help you but i can be sure that you are not keeping 100%. My best advice is to get a job at some hedge fund, save up and trade on your own.

    Thats a true trader, who can risk his own money and keep everything that he deserves. Plus, you 'll be shocked to see that you do trade alot better when its your money at risk... cause its your money!

    with you the best
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    Try either Bright or Worldco. Bright has an (unpaid!) intern program w/ a high possiblity of getting backed. It's a fifty/fifty cut though if you put up 0 cash. Worldco is a much better option but I'm willing to bet Bright's training is better just from what I've seen. Other than that it's either a firm in Chicago, a bucket shop daytrading firm which will hit you w/ all kinds of charges and of course, the big boys in NYC. I've also heard that Point Direx has a prop program. Van Buren did too but they stopped. Call around. Hit the pavement. I'm in your shoes too. I'm taking a shot w/ bright and we'll see how it goes from there. I'm really lucky that my parents will support me for a few months while I work w/ bright. Good luck.
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    Did I mention that I will be more than willing to relocate?

    :D :D
  9. Make sure your mom packs you pudding for lunch.
  10. Why not trade retail for a while to build up your stake? That's what I'm doing right now. Do you have money to relocate? Stay where you are and trade it if you're a trader. Use a little extra leverage( options or futures ) to help you. I only suggest that because you have the degree and should be able to handle it.

    There are good position trades here and there, even in this crappy market. I got a peice of the MER breakdown. It was pretty well telegraphed.

    Why start with all the extra pressure of the "no money down" firms? Unless you're talking about a career with a major IB firm, I realize that's a little different

    Good Luck !
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