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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Georgii, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Georgii



    I wanted to say that this is overall an informative place to be and it is well organized.

    However, I am very frustrated because it seems that virtually every post I go through, there is always a case of one poster verbally assaulting another. Whatsmore, it seems that this hostility has been around for a long time and is traditional here.

    I really have no idea why this exists, unless all traders are rude, immature people with very hot tempers.

    It would be nice to see increased steps towards encouraging more respect and no personal assaults, that would help foster a better and more educational, professional environment.

    Thank you for your efforts otherwise.
  2. look kid

    Traders are not school teachers
    trader are not hospital nurses
    and traders most certainly are not bakers

    you want traders to spill the beans and teach you but you don't want attitude, good luck with that
  3. Georgii


    There are rude people in every profession.

    But a professional forum should be a place where respect is ever present. People who have negative and abusive attitudes are not creating an environment for learning and passing on knowledge.

    People who attack, abuse, and ridicule others (esp. those with less experience) obviously have their own problems and insecurities that they are venting on others. I don't think that attitude should have a place on a forum like this.
  4. maxxy


    When you go to a gambling casino, there are generally two types of guys. Those who are winning and those who are not.

    The winners are always in a good mood, treating everyone to drinks and making it look like a good time. They sit at the table making it look like poker is an easy game that everyone can have fun playing.

    The losers are those that are grumpy, getting into fights and on those tv shows demonstrating that poker is and addiction much like alcohol. The losers treat no one to drinks and their errors are often times obvious.

    I hope this answers your question.
  5. Georgii


    I think it definitely does, excellent observation!

    Anyone who expounds abusive behavior is apparently not secure in what they know and what they're doing.
  6. xednise


    This is not a professional forum, anyone with a keyboard can show up. Maybe .5% of the posters actually trade for a living. To expect anymore than what you see is to have unrealistic expectations. That aside, you are right, the attitudes suck.
  7. The mistake you made is that you believe that is a professional forum prior to your arrival for whatever reasons.

    ET is not a professional forum and that's why you're seeing the mudslinging et cetera at the forum.

    A professional forum of any career has a unique registration process in which all applicants must qualify and then verified to gain entry.

    Also, just because a forum slaps the word "professional" next to its name or in it's description doesn't make it a professional forum.

    Simply, a truly professional forum is not going to allow any Joe Bob and his sister to join anonymously.

    This is a trading forum that allows any person to join regardless if they're traders or not.

  8. Georgii


    I hear you.

    The problem is that there's no way you're going to find out who's a professional trader. Doctors, attorneys, real estate agents have licenses to practice. Conversely, you don't need a Series 7 to be a trader.

    Retail traders don't have bosses to answer to, or customers to be nice to, so I guess some of them feel its okay to lapse in social abilities, lol.

    However, I think that the point of the forum should be to encourage professionalism in this field. Those who want to be rude to each other are doing the community a disservice, and I think the community shouldn't tolerate it.
  9. byteme


    Unfortunately, what you think the point of the forum should be is irrelevant.

    Do you think it's free to develop and host this website and cover the costs of the bandwidth used?

    This forum is a business for the owner. A business that does better with higher volumes of members and junk-level content. It is an advertising business. The idea is to get as many eyes looking at the adverts of the sponsors of this site so that the owner can charge higher advertising rates and cover the costs of running the website and make some profit too.

    A lot of the site sponsors probably don't want smart educated traders...they want dumb newbies so that they can make money out of them.

    This site is a match-making site to match site sponors with fools who are easily parted with their money.

    Despite all of the above, this is still probably the best forum of it's kind on the Internet and there is a real wealth of genuinely valuable information buried within that more than offsets the detrimental aspects.
  10. Georgii


    In that case, there would be no section called "Feedback" :)

    Obviously I don't run this forum, I know this takes time and money, and moderating is also difficult work.

    I just think its a shame things are this way, it's like a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey.
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