Attitude is everything?

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  1. I dont care who you are, but if you talk on a cell phone for 16 hours straight, there is something demented about you. I cant stand being on the phone for more than 5 minutes...but 16 hours? Sheesh!

    I also have to wonder if she was really talking to someone because I dont remember seeing a cell phone that will give you 16 hours of continuous talk time without the battery dying.
  2. The train is probably equipped with ports for powering devices such as laptops, cell phones, portable games.
    Besides... someone like this is carrying extra batteries if they can run their mouth that many hours.
  3. Shit, I thought this was a story about a human.

    Did they vet its birth certificate?
  4. You must live a charmed life, never to have been in the vicinity when the big fat mouth was going on and on, at a decibel level only a deaf liberal could love.

    Could even have been a dead phone, or the person on the other end had died. The mouth would never have noticed either way.

    PS The fags at yahoo closed comments. wonder why.
  5. Maybe Lakeysha was talking to the "shoe licker" on the subway."
  6. maxpi


    Manners means a lot... so does watching one's weight... but a cell phone jamming device, priceless!!