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Discussion in 'Journals' started by atticus, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. I got the idea from a comment by traderlux on an option thread to trade options on AAPL. I would do additional tickers, but I'd rather not extend it beyond AAPL. It will either work with a single name or I am certain I will hear about it. The lack of diversification will add a layer of difficulty.

    I opened an add'l sub-account at IB to trade each position to the limit of the available cap. IOW, each trade debit will approach 100% of available capital. Hence the sub-account.

    I just covered the AAPL 60/70/80 weekly fly at better than 20% on debit. This journal will report similarly as the return on the debit req will = ROC *on the portfolio* due to the "ship it" nature of the account.

    All trades will be marketable at the time that I post the fills, or I won't post. All trades will be at an edge loss (basis mid). I will post NBBO and mid (fairval) so that the gallery can calc worst case ROC (lifting offers and hitting bids). I will post my return on fills as well as "market order" returns (worst case).

    I am sure I will hear about any losses, but please stfu if you're on the other side and the trade is in progress. BS will be sent to mods for deletion. I am ok with dissent, but don't be a knob about it. Wait until I lose.

    I will post r/t entries and exits THAT ARE MARKETABLE. If you plan to trade with me (or against) you should have no problems getting a fill. Each trade will have a stop basis AAPL shares or a vol-figure.
  2. I'll begin tomorrow assuming an opportunity presents itself in AAPL.
  3. A, would you mind posting a daily/weekly spreadsheet or something to that effect as well just to summarize occasionally?

    I think the forest gets lost in trees sometimes in these types of threads, especially if others post in as well.

  4. Yeah, I'll do a monthly update.
  5. if you care, you will go through the trees. If someone is too lazy to follow each post and do their own pnl calculations and so forth they are too mentally lazy to trade anyway.

    otherwise, just subscribing
  6. hoop121


    free monies!

    you're too kind atticus. even though the majority of your acronyms are over-my-head, most of the time, i still find you to be the most helpful on ET (ET=elitetrader).

    your patience with the newbies is much appreciated.
  7. Think smarter, not harder, dude.
  8. contra


    good luck with this, should be good to learn from.
  9. Will buy the 40/70/00 Sep14 fly on a touch of 674.60 spot, or will revisit at the close if no touch of 674.60.
  10. Unlikely to reach 674.60, so I risked 12.00 on the fly (11.52 mid). Attempted fills 10-20 off mid were unable on the iron.
    #10     Sep 6, 2012
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