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  1. Ever find something laying around that has been stored for years and you totally forgot about it ?
    I was going through some stuff in a box and found this. A Polaroid One step. I never used this one, although I have used them in the day.
    Was not even sure if film is available anymore.
    I checked Amazon and did see single packs going for around $45.
    These cameras used to be so cheap.

    Polaroid One-Step 600 Instant Camera

    Digital is great, but this camera was a lot of fun at one time.
    I am not a camera person in any way. Most of the cameras I had were basic 110 film.
    I know someplace in my home is another oldie, an 8mm video camera that my family had.
    These items are not worth anything, just brings back thoughts of nice family times.

    Would have also been neat to find model trains laying in some boxes ... no luck.
  2. Cool, I have to double check, but I think I found the same at my Dad's. He also has a WWII era Lyca sitting around. I also happened to find all kinds of WWII occupation money from European countries and Japan. Found some confederate states money also, but I am told they need to be evaluated as there were quite a few fakes made.
    The topper for me the other day was diggin through the garage putting together a stack of hazardous crap to bring to Veolia to recycle. Found 2 Mobil Oil drums and when I opened them I found all my grandfathers WWI stuff. Uniforms, hats, horse riding gear, etc. I have no idea what to do with that stuff.
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    For Christs sake don't throw it away.
  4. Wow ! that is a great find and nice to have a family connection too.
    Something to pass down in the future for family to enjoy.
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    There are extreme collectors of military. You need a pro to appraise it and noodle around 'till you find an auction house or show.