Attention Whinging Loosers! THIS IS WHAT A DOS ATTACK IS ALL ABOUT

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    Why does my hand shake everytime I move the mouse over that link?
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    The Strange Tale of the

    Attacks Against GRC.COM

    by Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation

    Page last modified: Sep 17, 2005 at 11:40

    Nothing more than the whim of a 13-year
    old hacker is required to knock any user,
    site, or server right off the Internet.
    I believe you will be as fascinated and concerned as I am by the findings of my post-attack forensic analysis, and the results of my subsequent infiltration into the networks and technologies being used by some of the Internet's most active hackers.

    nearly 2.4 BILLION malicious packets.

    If the attacking machines had been running Windows
    2000 or the home-targeted version of Windows XP, as
    they certainly will be next year, we would have been
    utterly defenseless and simply forced off the Internet.

    This is what anyone on the Internet can soon expect.

    Stemming the Flood with Our ISP

    Within a minute of the start of the first attack it was clear that we were experiencing a "packet flooding" attack of some sort. A quick query of our Cisco router showed that both of our two T1 trunk interfaces to the Internet were receiving some sort of traffic at their maximum 1.54 megabit rate, while our outbound traffic had fallen to nearly zero, presumably because valid inbound traffic was no longer able to reach our server. We found ourselves in the situation that coined the term: Our site's users were being denied our services.
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    Personally I think computer "hacking" should be a capitol offense.
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    I prefer six months of testicular electrocution followed by hanging
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    Absolutely. It is terrorism nothing less. The amount of money, productivity, man-hours, etc. is in the billions. The perpetrators should be given 15 -20 years of sodomy by bubba in the big house.
  7. A guy I used to work had a cousin that got paid to hack. Intially he spoofed Chelsea Clinton at Stanton and lost his scholarship at Harvey Mudd University, a very good school.

    Then an offshore gambing company paid him to steal their competitors database. He got $1 mil for doing it with some kind of spider crack progaram that sucked all the names out of their database. That is scary shit! It worked. It took them a year to track him down and he was banned for 5 years from returning to the US. It serves him right. I am glad I am on good terms with his cousin, my former co-worker.

    Come to think of it, Swordfish was just on.

    People have critized me for having so much protection on my trading computer, but you have to be careful.
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    and that's for the girls!
  9. :eek: (note to self: Avoid hans37's neck of the woods when cruising for chicks):confused:
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    Have you posted somewhere what you use? I would be interested to see

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