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    Unfortunatly DeFazio has taken the next step in pushing his agenda.

    Since we are the only ones who will stand up against this bill we need to be more organized.

    -We need a form letter written by someone here to email all concerned parties. Anyone interested raise your hand.

    -We need a list of email address to send it to. These people will need to receive hundreds of emails before they ever give the topic a second thought.

    Distribute the info to all forums/groups you are members of and ask them to help.
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  4. I just sent a message to the chairman of ways and means as provided on another thread. If nothing more, everyone here should just add their 2 cents at the very least.
  5. Dustin


    If I were a decent writer I would take this on but I know we have some talented writers on ET that could do a much better job.

    200 views and no volunteer?
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    I will send a letter as soon as I get a chance.
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    Does anyone know why this thread doesn't show up on the front ET page? Mods?
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    Everyone should take just a couple of minutes to send a note to the chairman of the ways and means committee.
    It takes just a minute, click on contact and write a note.

    Dustin provided a link but here it is again.

  10. After the market close and the weekend or whenever you have some time, WRITE, CALL IN, COMMUNICATE as much as possible so we can get our voices heard. Also, I'd be curious to know what InteractiveBrokers, ThinkorSwim, Etrade etc now have to say that this is actually being proposed.
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