Attention: To Interactive Brokers, et. al.

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  1. Hey all you brokers who lurk here, why don't you give us the benefit of your "inside" knowledge and tell us all HOW MANY OF YOUR CUSTOMERS MAKE MONEY?

    You could at least confirm or deny that '95%+ of all traders lose money'.

    IB in particular should be the best suited to know these numbers given their all electronic database.

  2. they only tell timber hill....

    just kidding....:D....sort of
  3. What would be their incentive to do that?

    Nothing, it would only be detrimental to their business.
  4. exactly why should they tell you this?
  5. I used to work for a direct access broker, not IB though.

    Yes, 95 percent of retail traders lose money.

    I fail to see how this is new news or the brokers' fault.
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    Tradestation's quarterly reports have mentioned stats about thier typical client.
  7. ozzy


    Funny thread.

    They should warning banners like they have on cigarette packages.


  8. Yes, amen to that... 95% of all small biz owners, of which i am one, lose.. just takes them longer to blow out... seen some people lose 100k or more on their small or intermediate size businesses...

    it is fantastic that we EVEN get a chance to lose... if not there would not be much of a chance to win and fulfil any ideals...

  9. I wonder how many new business start-ups fail in the first year? What, is it like 95 percent?

    HOLY CRAP! I demand that NOBODY start a new business!!

    I blame the Government.
  10. For IB, small traders are nothing more than
    group of ants who should be mashed for
    the much larger accounts

    Try it...No answer for sure
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