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    How do you deal with small rallies or shakeouts? if target is 200 ticks and your up 100, how much are you willing to lose if position turns against you? :confused:
  2. Never turn a winning trade into a losing trade... also Maximum Adverse Excursion (MAE) and Maximum Favorable Excursion (MFE)
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    That's kinda funny actually...

    I trade the er2 on an intraday trend basis, and I constructed my method to either take the original stop-out or trail at the retracement "waves" of the market.

    So up until yesterday I had about 15 losers in a row, and an open trade was 3 points in the money. Because of the string of losses, to stop the pain I applied the mantra of "never turn a winning trade into a loser", so I moved my stop to break-even.
    Well the now closed trade went about .5 points below break-even, and then continued in the original direction of the monster sell-off that occured yesterday. So by not following my rules I lost out on a ~$1,500/contract trade.

    Anyway, with this little story I just wanted to point out that it depends, if your method is designed to catch the occasional 10-15pt trades, then you may not want to be aggressive on moving your stop to breakeven quickly (2-4 pts).

    Oh, and always follow your rules.
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    I hear you Mogul. Same thing happened with BP a few weeks back, I was stopped out by 6 ticks, then market turned and hit my target of 165 ticks.

    Short ECU07 @ 1.3473
    MAE/MFE seem interesting
    I suppose current MAE 7 MFE 63 with profit of 38 if I closed(current 1.3435) Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Set a catastrophic stop then I leave and don't look at the trade.

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