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  1. Can anyone recommend an options software where I can input my combination, and then it would spit out a profit/loss graph?

    Thanks in Advance
  2. MTE


    Any decent options broker should have it. Otherwise, the best value for money is Hoadley.
  3. Have you looked at ToS?
  4. The Options Lab will meet your needs well.

    check it out at

    It shows you the greeks for each leg and position and supports dynamic graph.

    No software download is necessary, just fill in the data for each leg, then hit Refresh button.

    Currently only four legs plus underlying are supported.
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    I've also used SamoaSky's Option Oracle.
  6. erol


    As mentioned above... Thinkorswim will do it all

    I'm from Toronto as well. Td waterhouse bought them so you can only paper trade for now.

    But in the new year they will allow new accts for Canadians again
  7. Please visit - an option simulator and strategy management for ETF options.

    Good luck!
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