Attention Non-US Residents: Teach Us The Error of Our Ways

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  1. As I have stated on previous posts, I look at ET more for amusement purposes rather than a site geared for the "intellectually curious" or coherent trading ideas - which I always thought was the purpose of this site to begin with. I, as an American, have noticed a disturbing trend... the site has been hijacked, if you will, by a few in my own country but more particularly by people in other countries who constantly belittle the U.S. - our way of life, our economy, and our people in general. (Forgetting, of course, that we are made up of people from their own country, ironically enough).

    I never realized just how miserable I was supposed to be until I started logging into this site regularly, to learn that everyone in the U.S. was about to lose his job, his house, everything... and that we are all essentially the laughing stock of the world. I have had the privilege of traveling throughout much of the world: I travel to Canada almost monthly, been to Europe, the Middle East and Asia (actually lived in South Korea for a year while in the military). I have to admit, when I read comments from around the world by those who constantly bash us - not just simply bashing Pres Bush for having severe syntax issues - but bashing Americans/U.S. in general for having a sub-standard way of life, misguided economic and foreign policies, et al... I find it rather amusing - especially having been to their countries. I suppose if I felt as though I did not have much of a life, I would spend my time posting on the internet about how stupid all the Canadians, Brits, Aussies, et al are ... but I do have better ways of spending my time and choose not to generalize an entire nation in an attempt to feel better about myself. When I consider the innovation, the goodwill of my country toward other countries in the form of aid - we even aid our enemies - I am actually confounded by the America bashing: is it jealousy? What constitutes it?

    Let this be the official thread where all the NON-U.S. residents (please just them) reveal to us in a succinct, coherent manner, how we can better ourselves and be more like you. How can we better our horrible economy, raise our standard of living to be like yours and make everyone around the world our friend? This is your chance, most of you take every opportunity you get to throw in the obligatory anti-America rant whenever possible... so have at it and enlighten us with your intellectual prowess. I am hoping for more than just the typical "Bush is stupid," "Americans are stupid, fat, lazy idiots," "capitalism is evil" - now I realize this eliminates for most of you the majority of your witty repertoire, but I have confidence in your posting abilities.

    I will help out a little to get you started. Explain in detail, with examples, (not theory) why your socialist system is more effective to raise standards of living across the board than ours. (I will admit, we are getting more and more like that - having adopted a form of Keynesian economics through the years). Explain how we (the U.S.) should conduct ourselves foreign policy-wise that will also allow us to prevent another 9/11 (conspiracy theorists need not apply). Are the terrorists misunderstood and can we "sit down" with them and reason as some of you suggest? Please explain your detailed rationale. And anything else you want to add. Have at it, my friends... peace.
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    Ok, lets try this for a start:
    1) US should not meddle with foreign countries (e.g. Yugoslavia), cultures of which it doesn't understand.
    2) Why would you want to be everybody's friend?
    3) Being in US a dozen times or more I think you have a great country but a horrendous set of laws.
    4) I guess you should also stop printing $, as it will hurt you along the way.
    5) Regarding 9/11 - you should stop kissing the butt of Islamic regimes and kick it instead (Iran and the rest)
  3. You asked for non-US citizens to respond but I thnk you should also hear from your own countrymen as to exactly why we ae 'bashed'. Undoubtly our country has many positives but we are failing to live up to them.

    FOREIGN AID: You speak about our 'aid' to other countries: the USA is 29th (2005) in giving NON-MILITARY aid as a percentage of GDP. In the last 30 years our 'aid' has dropped from 2% of GDP to less than 1%.

    The USA & PEACE: The USA is the largest producer of miltary arms, the largest exporter of military arms, and we account for 52% of total military spending since 1950. 15%+ of our population make their living in the busness of war-making. I've been alive since 1954 and the vast majority of my life has involved the US causing bloodshed in some other part of the world.

    9/11: We lost 2300 (or so) people in the 9/11 attacks: a sad event no doubt. However, we are responsible for over 100,000 Iraqi deaths (and they had nothing to do with 9/11). Since 1950, US military actions are responsible for almost 5 MILLION deaths. Our foreign policy is responsible for many more and guilty of suppressing populist movements throughout the world.

    ENVIRONMENT: The population of the US is 5% of the world; we use 20%+ of the energy supply.

    I suggest that you look at our country using facts instead of waving the flag because we have more stuff that we don't need than anybody else in the world.
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    Is the "Economics" forum the new "Politics" forum?
  5. BSAM, I was requesting input with regards to economics as well.
  6. Here is a good story of how we have wound up in this situation-

    The Old Indian Chief

    An old Indian chief sat in his hut on the reservation, smoking a ceremonial pipe and eyeing two US government officials sent to interview him.
    "Chief Two Eagles," asked one official, "you have observed the white man for 90 years. You've seen his wars and his material wealth. You've seen his progress, and the damage he's done."
    The chief nodded in agreement. The official continued, "Considering all these events, in your opinion, where did the white man go wrong?"
    The chief stared at the government officials for over a minute and then calmly replied, "When white man found the land, Indians were running it.
    No taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, women did all the work, medicine man free, Indian man spent all day hunting and fishing, all night having sex."

    Then the chief leaned back and smiled, "White man dumb enough to think he could improve system like that.

  7. The cause of 9/11 was NOT due to Islam: that is smply the rallying point. The cause is due to poverty in Saudi Arabia. (19 of 21 participants were Saudi). In 1986 the median income in Saudi Arabia was $26,000; today it is less than $9,000. The common Saudi blames the US, approprately, for propping up the Saudi Arabian monarchy to the detriment of the general populaton. 'Monarcharies' are repugnent to any true American.

    The last thing we should do is become further embroiled in the politics of the Middle East. Let them sort out their politics and buy oil from whomever wins. Military action causes us far more problems than non-intervention ever has.
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    Things to to to better U.S. economy:

    1. Correct the huge and unsustainable fiscal deficit.
    Like it or not it is corrently financed in large part by Japan and China who are feeling increasingly comfortable financing the U.S. profligate:D

    2. The Fed should act according to its founding principle as an inflation fighting institution rather than a free-cash house to bail out wall street.

    3. Invest in, promote and encourage entrepreneurship rather than promoting wall street and finance. Silicon Valley is the flagship of American innovation but for the last two decades that has been it. U.S. is lagging behind in almost everything else except production of military hardware and internet.

    To cut it short, U.S. needs more companies like Siemens, ABB, GE, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and fewer (way fewer) hedge funds, private equity, and to some extent investment banks.

    Hedge funds, private equity, and Investment banks should not be pillars of U.S. economy, otherwise it would be extremely vulnerable.

    4. Support the dollar EXPLICITLY and TRUELY. the U.S. has everything to gain from keeping the U.S. dollar the world's reserve currency. It would lose tons of indirect income if most international transactions are no longer settled in U.S. dollar.
    And, it has to act quickly now before the situation turns irreversibly in some other currencies' favor.

    Things to do to make U.S. more likeable (or at least not hated as much) in the world.

    Right now let's face it, the much of teh world don't like U.S. If you go to Italy (or some places in France such as Grenoble) and be very loudspeaking and pariotic American, you know what ppl would think of you:D

    1. Fight wars that are popular and avoid unpopular wars (quite simple:D).

    What are popular wars? Liberation of Europe is one, the 1st gulf war is another. However fight a war under an excuse that few could understand is very diffcult to be popular.

    If possible, try avoid wars at all (wars are bad by its definition). Why can't the U.S. just be a peaceful country like Switzerland (everyone likes the Swiss by the way).

    If you are a scientist and conducting an experiment, you would have reached the conclusion that bombing a country hard enough and long enough does not transform it suddenly into democracy. :D It is more likely a spontaneous process with U.S. giving a helping hand through setting a good example and moral high ground.

    2. Join international efforts to fight global warming, environmental issues and a whole lot of other things.

    come on the U.S. did not even sign the Kyoto protocal! and it is the largest CO2 emitter on the planet earth! Just because it can kick anyone who disagrees off teh planet does not mean it can pollute teh world whatever way it wants.

    Double standards just look bad...:D

    3. Reduce military bases around the world.

    Do you think Japanese people would like U.S. when one of its marines just raped another 14 year old japanese school girl?

    Just my 2 cents. :D By the way, i was under the assumption that U.S. has freedom of speech:D , but then again the FBI or CIA can easily tag you as a stupid "terrorist" and then you won't have free speech anymore lol :D That won't look good either:D
  9. We should stop giving foreign aid. Let the Europeans deal with it. They were the ones who colonized the world and exploited it for their own benefit. The Eurpoeans were the ones who controlled the slave trade, corrupted Africa and alienated the middle east with their crusades.

    It was the Eurpoeans who gave us the Catholic Church, Napoleon, Hitler, and Stalin.

    America should build a wall around it and let the rest of the world go to hell.

  10. I sincerely appreciate everyone's response, but the essence of my original post has been lost. I wanted NON-U.S. citizens to explain, with examples, how their economic system is superior to ours as well as their foreign policy. (To the "blame America first" crowd, I would question the poster's source of "100,000" innocent Iraqis killed by U.S. armed forces. Having served in the military, I find it shameful that there are those who will perversely imply that our armed forces go around slaughtering civilians. There has NEVER been a fighting force in the history of the world that has used as much self-restraint so as NOT to harm innocents than the U.S. military - even risking their own lives in the process. People who say otherwise speak from ignorance. Also, the terrorists of 9/11 were not living in poverty... study the lives of some of those characters in the time leading up to 9/11 and get back to me).
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