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    I am taking an informal Poll because this is more hypothetical then reality.

    This is for NASDAQ only.

    First, a little background. Most traders will agree that there are a number of unique opportunities each day that present the opportunity for great profits. This is especially true for NASDAQ because there are a number of stocks each day that will explode all of a sudden and just take-off (both Long and Short). Basically, these stocks just freakin' move. The problem is that you never know which stocks and when. This really sucks because you would rather trade those stocks, right? Of course!!

    So, what if I told you that there is a software program out there that readily identifies these particular situations on a real-time basis? More importantly, this program is quick-- I mean this program identifies these situations within 1-3 seconds. In addition, it is deadly accurate. This program does not tell you when to buy or sell, but it just presents these unique opportunities to you.
  2. If this program could accurately identify the Nasdaq rockets in real-time, yes I would buy it, or pay a monthly subscription. I would not go to a prop firm just for this program.

    -FastTrader :cool:
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    You are talking about a real time extreme volume/price alert. Alot of programs provide this already, such as first alert. The problem is that these programs cost alot of money. If you could provide a low cost solution for say like $30 a month, then sure i would pay it.
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    InvestorRT has that...called Tick Velocity.
  5. Doesn't sound too unique or magical. I think the kind of condition you're describing can also be setup in Trade Prospector's scanner using the tick pressure value (and any other of the available qualifiers you need) in conjunction with either your own list of stocks or the volume rate or trade rate market scanners.
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    It works differently than those programs. It does this in a very unique way that is far more effective.
  7. Will you tell us the program or is this your secret?
  8. The starter of the thread is sounding a lot like spam - trying to hype up interest by pretending to be cagey hoping someone will say "Oh, please, please, tell us what it is you're hyping - it sounds SOooo amazing" :)

    If it was a legit post - he'd just be up front about it and have posted what it was and what it really did.

    Instead he fires off some advertising fluff post hoping to drum up interest (and more importantly, how and how much people would pay for it - whatever IT is), but people tell him there's software out there that does this kind of thing, then he says (undoubtedly without really knowing) "oh no, this is totally different and much better", but still doesn't give any details.

    Jlcarey - sorry If this isn't just more lame BS hype - but you're certainly presenting it like it is. So you should expect people to think it is.

    BTW, the poll is missing an option - it needs a "Not interested/No solicitors allowed" option.
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    Go and do all of us a favor by paying Baron (ET) if you want to advertise here, dummy. There's too many spam-eating pit bulls on here for you to get away with this crap. If this stuff is really any good, then don't worry - It will sell.

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    I would not buy it as TraderBot does exactly the thing for 40 bucks per mo.
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