ATTENTION long term long traders...Time to sell!

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  1. All my indications are now at full sell mode. We have been thrown around inside a giant violent top for a few months now. I have been quite for along time now before coming out here with this call. Been watching..... waiting....... I can now say we are about to embark on a long downward trend.

    My calls... when i make them, are very very dead on..... i am running around, franticly flapping my lil wings, yelling out to sell sell SELL! to anyone who will listen.

    It was a nice multi year ride up to this point.... much $$$ was made.. Now its sell, or, wait until these rough waters settle down a bit....and SHORT into the fast approaching placid down trend ride that will last until spring of 09.

    good luck
  2. Pull up a daily chart of the DOW and look at the date when i made this call and what followed after. I made this call the day the DOW was up 200+ points!! Two days later......

    Hopefully no long term trader is still long this mkt, but if you are... DO NOT SELL! ... DO NOT SELL NOW, there will be a much better opportunity comming up very soon. THat will also be the ideal time to enter short.... (i wouldn't short right now) Ofcourse this does not pertain to day traders.

    If you like dead on calls..then stay tuned for more updates from little ol' me.
  3. You really don't have any idea about the markets or market direction you are just guessing. I never take advice from individuals that can not spell on a 4th grade level.
    The word is spelled quiet.
    Now be quiet.

  4. We are close, but we are not there yet. The es can actually go down to 1240 and still be within the trend started in March of 2003.
  5. His timing was right, who gives a shit about speling.
  6. Its true..... im not a good speller :(

    But i know my ABCs pretty good and can count to 20 if i take off my shoes.
  7. just to spite you: i'm long ES, ER@, YM over the weekend
    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  8. lilduckling,

    You do realize that Long Term traders are the ones who set the trend right? Time to grow up lil duckling... :)
  9. Just marking this post as a candidate for stupidest post of the year. I doubt you'll win, but you should at least qualify for an honorable mention.
  10. I am honored. Since obviously one can infer from your post that you believe that the market are not made of buyers and sellers. May the Market Gods help guide you on the way to profits! Grow up lil duckling.
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