Attention: I am now long!

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  1. Market keep going up..

    Any thought ?:confused:
  2. Do you have money?
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    Gonna be long after 11% rip huh? How many times would that have worked this year? I know the bearish sentiment has been festering since early August, and perhaps that little stop run on the August lows last week makes this time different, but I don't think the odds are on your side right now.
  6. Very mixed signals and lack of consensus. SP500 intra reverts to
    bearish/neutral and it's possible the rally that started Oct 4 is
    ending earlier than expected. (see DOW chart at blog)

    SP500 emini short 1189.25
    SP500 emini short 1186.75 [closed 1190.50]
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  8. More SP500 / EURUSD upside and USD weakness expected.
    SP500 / EURUSD daily charts are choppy but bullish.
    SP500 futures last 1184.50
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