attention: christians, athiests, seekers.

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  2. Yeah, I think Stu and axeman are going to just love that one! :)

    To be honest, I only made it a third of the way through that. I just find it too painful reading something when I can't make out what the point of it is supposed to be.

    Maybe you could put rule #4 from the 48 Laws of Power -- "always say less than is necessary" -- on hold for a moment, and briefly explain what that essay is about, so that if I re-read it I have a better idea of what to look out for?

  3. LOL, alfonso. sorry you didn't "get" the gist of the article. i found it fascinating.



  4. It kind of read like Jack Hershey's guide to religion:D

  5. ahhhh, i don't think so.

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    Dat clear went over my head. Gosh darn it ya damn yankees.
    Y'all got nuttin better ta do than rile up ya brains.......shit, I iz gonna poke me some cows......yehaw!

  7. LOL ! did you install the "car turner thingy" on the yacht yet ??


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    Naw, we hasn't gotten round tuit.....we just throws out our big pig Betsy on her rope and we can make turns jez as pretty as ya pleeze....da rudders broke a while ago.....


  9. Lmao. I must admit, nearly half the reason I read ET is because I get so many great laughs out of it! :D

    Seriously though, surf, would it be possible for you to briefly summarize what Davis is getting at? I'm not having you on, I'm certainly not averse to this kind of "stuff".
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