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Discussion in 'Options' started by Sean McLaughlin, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. I am looking to form a small weekly meetup for self-employed options Traders who work from home in the City of Chicago.

    If you're like me - trading your own money and working from home - a Trader's life can be isolating and suffocating. And it can be tough to bounce ideas off others who can relate to your business. As good or as bad of a Trader as you might be, everyone can benefit from sharing ideas, relating successes, and receiving positive support during your down times.

    I would like to keep this group small - no more than say 6 people to start. I envision the process of each casual meeting would be for each person to share their results for the previous trading week - in percentage terms. And then each person will have the table to discuss their thoughts/feelings about their trading and/or the markets. And then we'll all discuss.

    The ultimate goal will be to form a mutually supportive, encouraging, and entertaining group that we can all learn from.

    I don't have a location for the meetings chosen as of yet. I'll probably wait to see who responds, and then pick a place that is convenient for the majority of the attendees. Most likely, we'll meet at a coffeehouse or low-key restaurant. And I'm initially thinking that meeting on Mondays after the close - perhaps around 4:30 would be a good way to kick off each week. I don't see us talking for more than 1-2 hours. Of course, all of this is subject to change dependent on who responds.

    If this sounds interesting to you, please reply here or Private Message me, and we'll see what we can put together.

  2. What is your trading style? How many option trades do you usually do on a weekly basis? What stage of trading are you in now, I mean, are you currently working towards consistency or you've already achieved consistency and are working on increasing your trade size/frequency?

  3. I primarily trade calendar spreads in SPY, a typical week might see two or three opening trades, and two or three closing trades.

    My current stage is: I'm trying to achieve consistency, and therefore size.

    That being said, this doesn't mean I'd only like a group of calendar spread traders. I think all styles can and will bring value to a group - as long as we're all supportive.
  4. Surprisingly little interest here.... No takers?
  5. overkil2


    Sad there isn't much interest.
  6. 1) You may get a better response on Craigslist. Try not to get too annoyed by replies from young students, old farts and prostitutes.
    2) Be willing to look through the trading-related groups on LinkedIN.
    3) You could drum-up some interest by posting a flyer on the bulletin board at a public library. :cool:
  7. Wait....Traders read? ;)
  8. maybe if you allowed paper trading results you would get response. no one on ET trades, remember?
  9. Sean,
    you might try searching, for investment/trading groups in your area. I think a group like that sounds fantastic given that your meeting more than once a month. Good Luck!:)
  10. Thank you. I'll give it a look.
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