Attention Boehner: Try This

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  1. It is painfully clear to me that the Boehner-led republicans lack the cojones to go head to head with even a wimp like Obama. They are desperate to get Obama to say yes to something just to make the pain stop.

    Boehner's offer to cut unspecificed deuctions didn't get past the laugh test with obama. Obama says he won't compromise on raising taxes on the upper brackets, so let's one up him. Instead of going to the old Clinton rates of 39% on incomes above $250k, which catches a lot of two earner middle income people and small businessmen, let's go after the ones who created the problem, the true super rich. Let's propose a new super bracket on incomes above say $500,00 or may be 750,000, and make it high, say 45%. You'd have to play with it to get equivalent dollars as Obama's proposal would get.

    Now we are hitting people whom even most republicans resent, eg law firm dweebs, investment bankers and corporate execs. Also, the entertainment and music elites. And let's be willing to trade that low dividend rate too. It was a bad idea and only helped PE firms and trust fund types. Just please get something in return, such as a freeze on domestic spending.
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    Attention Boehner: Try This



  3. It's not that I disagree, but he's not going anywhere, at least anytime soon.

    The objective is to get through this perilous time with as little damage to our side and the economy as possible.

    If Romney had listened to me, he'd probably be president. Instead, he is a loser and still being mocked by assholes in the Washington Post.

    Clearly, Romney's campaign was a brain trust compared to Boehner and Cantor and the House republican leadership. They are clueless, gutless and ineffective yet oddly arrogant. If anyone can profit from my advice, it is them.

    Of course, like romney they'd prefer to do it their way.
  4. Maybe Ann Coulter was right. They should just surrender and get used to being Obama's bitch.


    A Republican Retreat — or Rout?

    By: Patrick J. Buchanan
    12/7/2012 11:31 AM

    Given the election expectations raised by the Republican punditocracy — that Mitt Romney was headed for a big victory — the jolt of defeat hit especially hard.

    Now, what had seemed an orderly retreat has taken on the aspect of a rout, with Beltway Republicans calling for abandonment of fixed positions all along the line.

    After Senate candidates Richard Mourdock in Indiana and Todd Akin in Missouri bollixed the question of abortion in cases of rape, Republicans are being counseled to downgrade or dump the social issues. As young people seem to support same-sex marriage, why not be good libertarians and get on board?

    As Romney got 27 percent of the Hispanic vote, we must stop this talk of border fences, ID cards, employer sanctions and “self-deportation,” and reconsider amnesty and a path to citizenship.

    The party is being urged to shed positions dear to loyalists, to win over folks who voted for Obama. And those who urge the ditching of positions dear to the base are rewarded with indulgent media portrayals as Republican leaders who have “grown.”

    But there are two problems with this panicky reaction to defeat.

    First, while the defections depress and dishearten the faithful, they rarely attract the disbelievers whom the switch is designed to appease. Second, such maneuvers are the indelible mark of the opportunist.

    Which bring us to John Boehner’s concessions to Obama to save us from going over the fiscal cliff.

    Though a tax increase would violate party principle and a commitment to constituents just a month ago, and though Lord Keynes himself would argue that raising taxes in a limp economy is risky business, Boehner has offered Obama $800 billion in new tax revenues.

    Yet, though Boehner is capitulating, the White House has backhanded his offer. The Clinton tax rates on the rich must be restored or no deal, says Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Obama takes a more moderate position. We must raise both rates and revenues.

    The purpose here? Rub Republican noses in their capitulation, and force a rupture within their party.

    While the administration could reap far more revenue by capping and cutting deductions — ”tax expenditures” in the liberal catechism — an increase in tax rates would be such a transparent surrender it would cause a rebellion in the House and demoralize the conservatives.

    Why, then, are Republicans still bearing gifts to Obama, with a few even pushing for concessions on tax rates?

    They are terrified of the fiscal cliff, and understandably so.

    For if we go over, taxes rise on every family, and polls say that by 2 to 1 the people will hold Republicans responsible.

    And if we go over the cliff and taxes rise on everyone, the first order of business of Obama in the New Year will be to push a tax cut for the 98 percent of Americans who earn less than $250,000. His second move will be to reverse the damage done to the national defense by the sequester.

    By his State of the Union address, Obama would be able to pose as the rescuer of the middle class from the abyss into which the GOP had plunged it — to prevent fat cats from paying a fair share for debt reduction.

    And he would be able to pose credibly as a peace-through-strength Democratic president determined to restore deep cuts in defense caused by a congressional sequester.

    At the end of the Battle of the Fiscal Cliff, the GOP may be left in the position of the lady who sold her virtue — and didn’t get paid.

    By Jan. 31, the GOP may have double-crossed its Tea Party allies by accepting increases in tax revenues and rates, and alienated its strongest supporters, seniors, by demanding and winning freezes and cuts in future Medicare and Social Security benefits.

    If Republicans cut a deal on tax hikes to prevent our going over the cliff, they look like collaborators. If they refuse to cut a deal, the Bush tax cuts are history and the GOP will be forced to enact the new “Obama tax cuts.”

    The Republican Party seems close to the end of its tether.

    Party elites want to go silent on social issues, while the base believes they define who we are. The base wants no part of wars on Syria or Iran being pushed by leading Senate Republicans.

    The grass roots see mass immigration as imperiling the national unity and community and advancing national bankruptcy. The elites babble on about an open door.

    Now a GOP House elected to hold the line on taxes is offering new tax revenues and perhaps higher tax rates to fund the biggest Big Government in history. The GOP is close to reassuming its role as the tax collector for the welfare state.

    Meanwhile, the New Majority coalition is passing on, and the era of Reagan is over for good. The party needs new ideas and leaders other than the ones who brought them to this dead end.
  5. When Ann Coulter, the reigning Queen of the Right says it's time to change course, the GOP would be wise to listen. She has not been wrong yet.
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    "Lead, follow, or get out of the way."

    - Thomas Paine
  7. I also said in another thread that we ARE going off the cliff. That wimp Obama wants a Versailles type unconditional surrender for the GOP.

    He is aware that the liberal media machine is doing it's work. One thing I learned from the election is that msnbc has such lower ratings than FOX because the liberal media has soooo many wings to it. HuffPo, WashPo, SNL, The Daily Show......they have an impressive array of messaging.

    From Rachael Maddow, to Al Sharpton, to Jon Stewart, the left has methods to reach everyone. Compare this to FOX.
  8. I've always like that saying. Now that we know the Dems are the anointed ones, the clear winners, the elite, the best chance for the survival of Mankind ever in the history of the world - we can only hope that those who are part of the ancient tribe known as the GOP as portrayed by NYT columnist Maureen Dowd.

    "The Mayans were right, as it turns out, when they predicted the world would end in 2012. It was just a select world: the G.O.P. universe of arrogant, uptight, entitled, bossy, retrogressive white guys.

    Just another vanishing tribe that fought the cultural and demographic tides of history.

    "Someday, it will be the subject of a National Geographic special, or a Mel Gibson movie, where archaeologists piece together who the lost tribe was, where it came from, and what happened to it. The experts will sift through the ruins of the Reagan Presidential Library, Dick Cheney’s shotgun casings, Orca poll monitoring hieroglyphics, remnants of triumphal rants by Dick Morris on Fox News, faded photos of Clint Eastwood and an empty chair, and scraps of ancient tape in which a tall, stiff man, his name long forgotten, gnashes his teeth about the 47 percent of moochers and the “gifts” they got.

    Instead of smallpox, plagues, drought and Conquistadors, the Republican decline will be traced to a stubborn refusal to adapt to a world where poor people and sick people and black people and brown people and female people and gay people count."

    Now that all that is perfectly clear, the GOP will simply have to get out of the way and get ready for 12 more years of Democratic rule. Even the Newt said Hillary would be nearly unbeatable.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, wake up MrBill, you're getting all crazy, this is not what will happen. The GOP will work hard to gain the respect of the changing demographics and put up formidable challengers to the Dems' in 2016.

    And, ok my ET friends, whenever you see me start to PROSELYTIZE, if that's the right word, convert to my way of thinking, then just laugh and realize that I am having some fun with you all.

    -back to reality-

    My real feelings are that the GOP will see the light, will turn to their younger team, will get past all the ancient social issues, and run someone who can win in 2016. I honestly believe the U.S. needs to switch toilet bowls every 4 to 8 years.

    Does anyone want to chat about all this? Please no name calling nonsense, just share some opinions. Jem, Luke, 377, ,PT - I know you're a smart guy, talk to me, don't yell at me? Or from the left side, RCG, AK, FT, and all.

    Or, will I just receive crap for trying to discuss things. ???

    link to above article:
  9. I dunno. I thought that the GOP would do a 180 or a least a 45 and head back towards the middle. It was nice to see Ryan with his remarks at the Jack Kemp dinner. The GOP needs to aggressively move on it's current base. They need to put Micheal Steele back in as RNC chair, and let him do his thing. Now is the time. There are a lot of fiscals out there who voted with the dems because of that odious social platform that the GOP has.

    Instead of the old South, they need to embrace the New South, which I consider Virginia to be it's flagship state.

    They need to stop talking about firing Boenher.

    I have said here for two years, that the tent is too small. If they double down on this, Speaker Pelosi will escort Pres. Obama thru his final two years, and Hillary will crush anyone the GOP runs in 2016. If the GOP STILL does not get it, Julian Castro will president in 2024.
  10. Thanks, and I agree about the bigger tent idea. I simply hate the division, and having both sides blame each other, well, there's enough blame to go around IMO. Thank goodness the Tea Party is becoming even more a detriment to the GOP, there's hope.

    "Tea Party Now a Huge GOP Liability

    The resignation of South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint from the Senate followed close on the heels of the desertion from the Tea Party of Freedom Works head Dick Armey took some by surprise. DeMint and Armey were the two biggest and most identifiable fish in the Tea Party affiliated pond. DeMint could be relied on to broker his name ID and prodigious fund raising prowess to every Tea Party backed Senatorial candidate--and loser ..."

    I was worried that Obama might lose, never cut my bets back, but acknowledged here and on other sites my concerns. Rather than any victory dance, or sore winner crap, I hope the Country can return to 2 real parties, two groups who will work For the American people, not against some portion or the other.
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