Attention artful dodger, you missed a youth violence story today

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    Teenagers accused of race-hate murder 'went out looking for a victim and bragged about the killing'

    Two young white men assaulted and then killed a black man by driving into him with a pick-up truck in Mississippi’s largest city, a prosecutor said yesterday.

    It’s alleged that the pair, both 18, were looking for a black man to assault in Jackson, with one of them later bragging on the phone to a friend about killing 49-year-old father James Craig Anderson.

    Mr Anderson, who is of African-American descent, was run over by a Ford pickup outside a Jackson hotel near dawn on June 26 and died later in hospital, District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith said during a bond hearing for Deryl Dedmon, who is accused of driving the truck.

    ‘Dedmon murdered this victim because he was a black man,’ Smith said. ‘We do have information that they were rejoicing after killing the victim.’

    Smith said Dedmon called a friend after the alleged crime and said: ‘I just ran that n****r over.’

    He added: ‘It was an intentional act and it was a hate crime.’

    The hate crime allegations resonated in Mississippi, which has a history for racial violence against blacks, particularly during the civil rights struggle.

    Judge Ali Shamsiddeen increased Dedmon's bail to $800,000 (£500,000) from $50,000 after he heard more details about the hate-crime allegations.

    Dedmon and accomplice John Aaron Rice are accused of assault murder.



  2. Yeah, he might miss them because these stories are outnumbered by a factor of 100 to 1.

    Check the homicide rate in any area of this country and get back to me with your findings.

    What a fucking twerp you are.

  3. Back up your statement

    I posted 2 non minority youth violence stories now you and artful dodger post 200 to match my 2.Then I'll post some more
  4. It has to be true AK, just go to V-dare and see for yourself:D
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Fake, everyone knows that white people dont commit crimes....
  6. Eight


  7. Here is a small sample of stories by artful dodger about youth violence where the offender is a minority(Its mostly what he does here )

    Please direct me to your post calling him a racist for repeatedly posting these stories .Thanks in advance

    More thuggery from Mexican radical group "The Race"/La Raza

    Shocking: All Rapes in Oslo Committed By "Non-Western Men" The Reality of Diversity

    Racial violence ("flash mobs") have not made into the conversation about race

    Group of transvestite "youths" organize flash mob to terrorize Dunkin' Doughnuts(youths=blacks)

    Another "flash mob" incident- belligerents all appear to be "youths".(youths=blacks)

    Latino Gangs Ethnically Cleansing Blacks

    Group of Chicago "youths" strike again- Billie Corgan's brother attacked for ipod(youths=blacks)
  8. These are not "youths", these are "social constructs".

    Some Social-Constructs have accused the teens of their high levels of criminality. But thanks to Anti-whites we know that it's just racism they are expressing because all Social Constructs have no right to exist.

    However, these social constructs haven't been convicted and in fact deny that the action was racially motivated or even intentional. So far the prosecution has not presented any evidence other than hearsay from an unidentified source that it was in fact racially motivated or intentional.

  9. So you only post stories when the minority youths are convicted and admit that the crimes were racially motivated ?
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