Attention all Muslims! Your god is false, your way of life backward

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  1. Your religion is mindless fairy tales, oppresses women.

    You need MY Sky-god!

    Please choose one of the following to convert into:

    1. Catholic: you'll need to say about 2000 Hail mary's as pennance. Mumbling the same thing 2000 times will cure everything.

    - Throw away all your evil condoms, and pump out the kids.

    - Toss out your Science textbooks, especially Biology. Won't be needing that nonsense.

    - Women you cannot divorce your abusive partner, ever. Roll with the punches baby.


    2. Judaism .

    - Cast away your restrictive headgear and put on a skullcap 24/7!

    - Mutliate your male children's genitals at once, it's required.

    - Pay 25% more for special kosher foods.

    No change: You'll like these things they stay the same.

    - Women have no rights in the church/synagogue - not allowed as priests or rabbis.

    - You must send your kids to a special school, tell em they are different.

    So, once again, Muslims give it up!!! Yours is a barabric, backward religion!!!!!!!!! Choose a sane belief system!!!!
  2. Hallejulah!!
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  4. Or choose to be an atheist! Believe that nothing existed in empty space, then that nothing exploded and turned into stars, moon, planets and dinosaurs!

    -Spend 8 hours per day combing the internet looking for witty postings so you can troll message boards.

    -You men can marry men, and women marry women.
    -If you are one of the few atheists that are straight, and you get a girl pregnant, just kill the baby!
  5. Or, as many do. Just realize that we, as mere humans, will never know for sure about Creation, God, or anything of that nature. We can hope, we can pray, we can write another 1000 stories (as done by so many faiths) to try to explain it to ourselves. Something about Religion being the Opiate of the Masses. Or if God doesn't exist, we would have to invent one.

    Or, we can deal with reality, science as we know it, and stop trying to prove that which cannot be proven.

    Just a thought Peil.
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    Convert or die!

    Allah u akbar!
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    Max E.

    There has been over 19000 terrorist attacks committed by muslims since 9/11, there is simply no other religion on earth that is currently responsible for as much human suffering as the muslim religion, no one even in the same ball park, and thats a fact.
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    Actually we all will, eventually. Problem is...we're going to find out - the hard way.
  9. That's a mighty strange attitude considering the ubiquitous beneficial use of opioids and it's derivatives.
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    Once they dominate the planet they will be nice. Won't they?
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