Attention ADI Specialists

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by lp3yc, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. lp3yc


    Pulling one finger out of your arse may give you a bit of time in between counting money to FILL SOME FKG ORDERS
  2. i know...not a chance; it's like this on every single nyse gap down...if u get filled u are wrong and if u dont and try to cancel spec waits to see if price go against u...then bang, u are in 10c down.
  3. lp3yc


    45 secs 10c under the bid What a FKG joke Thanks SEC
  4. ja, classic but at least u got in...i am at my 15th attempt :(
  5. i am in @arca, sheesh what a pain.
  6. lp3yc


    No I wasn't filled. Got a secondary entry though Fkrs will probably manage to whip me out of it
  7. lp3yc


    At least they made a mistakeand filled me properly on FMD. probably started cocktail hour already and are pissed
  8. in the past couple of months fills have deteriorated a lot on nyse...u cant make a case for directin' to arca or island since spread aint attractive...specs have to go, cant trade like this.
  9. Arnie


    You have to wonder somedays. I have sent in orders on liquid stocks to take the offer and it just sits there. Its like the don't see the order. Now, I just cancel and use ARCA. Fuck 'em. :D
  10. bdon


    As long as people continue to enter 20 cent through orders after every nx against the trend the specialist will continue to be able to whip the stock and print in his own favor. This panic attack order entry just hands even more power to a guy who already has the most control.
    #10     Aug 11, 2006