Attacking Kerry from the Left- How Joe Lieberman won the Democratic Nomination

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  1. I have to agree with much of this article (excerpted below) from the World Socialist Web site attacking Kerry's likely foreign policy. It makes me think further of Nader's true effect. Maybe its not so terrible that he could make it impossible for a Democrat to be elected president while ignoring the left.


    How Joe Lieberman won the Democratic presidential nomination

    The ballots have been counted and, for all intents and purposes, the Democratic primaries are over. In a stunning come-from-behind upset, a clear winner has emerged—Senator Joseph Lieberman.....

    Appearing on Fox News last week, Lieberman himself gloated over the fundamental unity of the Democratic and Republican candidates on the issue of Iraq. “Senator Kerry and President Bush both made speeches on foreign policy this week,” he said. “If you look beyond the rhetoric and the media attempts to find differences, both of them, obviously, want to win the war on terrorism, both of them want to succeed in Iraq.”

    In short, Democrats and Republicans are united in their determination that the American people will not be allowed to vote on the most burning political issue that confronts them: the illegal war in Iraq that has claimed the lives of nearly 590 US soldiers, left thousands more wounded, and killed and maimed countless thousands of Iraqis.

    Moreover, Kerry has adopted the campaign strategy suggested by the right-wing media pundits, attacking Bush largely from the right, calling for adding another 40,000 active duty troops to the US Army and demanding a stepped up war in Afghanistan and a more aggressive policy of confrontation with North Korea...."