Attack on ET members beware

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  1. Recently I started some posts that took some pretty aggressive unwarranted bashing that started with vulgarity and name calling and out right stupidity.

    At first I was a little taken back with some of the hostility and attacking posts :mad:

    But then I started to do a little bit of research and found some interesting patterns.

    Firstly; the 3 main people that where attacking where me Bundmaster, Steve789 and Prince Philip.

    I researched their previous posts other then mine and found out that they all 3 where attacking other posters on ET as well in the exact same fashion.


    BUSTED !!!!

    Secondly; I researched allot of the bashing in general on all the posts and I noticed a strong pattern. Almost 80% of the time the bashers on all posts where mostly junior members ...


    I have come to the conclusion that someone or some other company is doing this on ET.

    If you think about it what better way to put your competition out of business then by making the environment distasteful and a negative experience for it's users.

    I have made some good associations on ET with some of the regular posters and I know that they do not carry on like this ... it is mostly junior members.

    So know we know ... Bashers you are BUSTED we are on to your game and I am writing a letter to Baron immediately informing him of my findings and I really hope he starts to put some stronger rules and guidelines in for junior members and bashing in general.

    That is of course if he wants this business to continue to be a success.

    Moderators I would ask you this. If you care about this web site report this activity to Baron and have him put stronger rules in place about it.

    To my fellow legitimate ET members. This site is our site and we must band together against these fools that would ruin it for everyone for their own personal gains. When you see another long term legitimate poster being bashed step in and help him out ... if the bashing is unwarranted and wrong.

    I know as soon as I make this post the Morons will come out in full force and try and bash it so lets pay close attention to the response this thread gets.

    I really enjoy ET and I have made some excellent associations but unless this unwarranted bashing and stupidity can be stopped I think ET is doomed to ultimate failure.

    Baron I really hope you take this post seriously and do something about it soon.

    Your legitimate and loyal users are counting on you to set in place stronger rules and policies and to give your moderators more power to enforce them.
  2. Regardless of whether or not there is a "bashing conspiracy" taking place on ET, you are still a moron of the utmost degree and will always perpetuate a slew of bashing so long as you continue to post nonsense...

    Just my 2 cents...
  3. Samson,

    I have spent hours upon hours reading the posts within these forums, and I have found that ET members, for the most part, are individuals that exhibit concern for their fellow trader. Most people write intelligent, well thought out posts, that contains hard-to-find content, and in-depth reasoning, as to the many variations one can approach our markets. On occasion, I stumble upon the harsh exchange between some members, yet that sort of action is rare. I do, however, enjoy reading some posts that contain the doomsday, apocalyptic predictions, and then the optimists rebuttal as to the free markets' natural tendency to return to balance. This sort of exchange is entertaining, while it enhances the political awareness of new members. I hope your call to all those seeking to ruin this oasis of rational thought is heard, and we can continue to enjoy our home on elitetrader.
  4. Perhaps a forum should be started where all the "bashers"can go.I for one have endured many an insult purely because of my moniker(title).I don't mind,though,because Christ endured alot worse for a much better cause.I welcome all opinions as differences of opinion promote thought.If it is reduced to name calling,so be it.Some of it is really funny.Let's not forget our sense of humor is one of God's great gifts to us.
  5. Spitfire


    This is my last day on ET as I prommised to quit. You see Samson, harry, iceman etc. etc. have won. Their utter fucking stupidity finally drove me away.

    But I couldn't go without wishing you all the best virtuoso - you have more patience than me.
  6. Two things come to mind:paranoia and overly-sensitive.I believe if you post on ET or anywhere else you must be willing to take some heat.Most of it is good-humored anyway.It seems there are alot of really sensitive people on ET who don't like to get their feelings hurt,but especially don't like it when someone has an opposing opinion.I don't mean to harp on this subject,but if there is a conspiracy it is against the outspoken ones at ET.That being said,I enjoy your posts,Samson.They are articulate,wellthought out and long-winded.Take it all in stride,just like Jesus did.
  7. Good post, but the Jesus analogy is a little strong, no one literally wants to so endure as Jesus did.
  8. Actually that's exactly what Christ wants us to do.Live as he lived.
  9. Samson77,

    Some words of advice.

    You've been involved in some threads (TraderBrad and Berserk) that were full of personal attacks, name calling, vugarity, hostility et cetera...

    Maybe its time for you to keep a low profile...concentrate on your trading and stop posting personal info about yourself so that those looking for an easy target will stop targeting you.

    Re-read some of your posts...

    Your constantly challenging people...

    This recent post you used the word Morons...

    You go on and call members fools.

    No offense...your just as guilty as the rest when it comes to attacking other ET members and I'm not talking about TraderBrad.

    When I was a kid...the only time I got into a fist fight with my best friend was at home in our basement...

    An argument/fight about our comic book collection.

    My stepfather comes downstairs and seperates us...

    He then ask me what's going on while looking at our bruised faces from the punches...

    I said..."That ass took one of my #1 issues."

    My stepfather gave me a good slap across the top of the head and said no profanity.

    I then said..."That jerk took one of my #1 issues."

    My stepfather gave me another good slap (harder) across the top of the head and said no name calling.

    I then said in a very angry voice..."Jeff took one of my cards."

    My stepfather gave me another good slap (harder) across the top of the head and told me to take a deep breath and say it without being antagonistic.

    I then said in a calm voice without being angry, taunting, antagonistic...

    "Jeff took one of #1 issues".

    My stepfather said thank you to me and asked Jeff if he took anything from me...

    Jeff said yes.

    I was shocked and asked why didn't he admitted it before.

    He said because...

    you were yelling and calling names.

    My point of the story is this...

    If you want ET to be a better environment...

    Start in your own backyard before worring about the behavior of others.

    Last of all,

    I think your way to emotionally involved at

    I've been there too and once took a break from ET because I started realizing it was no brotherhood...

    Your trading...that's where your energy should be devoted.

    Good luck because the current bridge your've built it yourself.

  10. ktm


    Yeah, I heard Christ was long the QQQ into a wicked head and shoulders downturn when he was about 22. Margin call came by horseback at the next dawn and he paid in gold. Might be good for him, but I would have hedged that puppy with some ES contracts myself.
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