attach a trailing stop to a limit order, IB

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  1. babe714


    Seem to be unable to do this , from IB faqs it says :
    Attach a Trailing Stop to a Limit Order

    You can attach a trailing stop order to a limit order. The attached stop order is activated when the limit order is filled. You must route attached trailing stop orders through Smart order routing.

    To attach a trailing stop to a limit order

    Right-click on a market data line for a limit order.

    Select Attach Auto Trailing Stop.

    To modify the trailing amount, use the Aux. Price field.

    To modify the stop trigger method, right-click on the attached trailing stop order and select Trigger Method.

    To view/modify the stop election price, display the Stop Price column from the Order Row section of the Page layout

    When I click on the market data line there is no selection attach auto trailing stop . also I don't see smart order routing , there is a best routing
  2. try this

    left click on current Bid price [assuming a sell]
    then left click on LMT
    you should see Trail at the bottom
  3. Ditch


    Select "configure Hotkeys"
    click on action i.e. "buy", click on "create shortcut"
    Then click on the tab"customize". a screen appears where you can select attach a stoploss