Atta used GOVT credit card just prior to 9/11

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  1. *** Atta uses GOVT credit card just prior to 9/11 (at the bar 4 miles from the motel he stayed at near Oklahoma City.....which just happens to be the same motel Timothy McViegh used in 1995).

    *** Another 9/11 highjaker suspect with Atta uses his GOVT credit card AFTER 9/11 in the same bar near Oklahoma City.

    *** Several motel employees tell of McViegh stay in 1995 prior to OKC bombing and they also tell of Atta and other 9/11 suspects stays at their motel just prior to 9/11.

    *** and numerous other VERY strange activities that tie the GOVT to these evil attacks!!!!

    The U.S. "False Flag" events details just keep coming out.........
  2. Dick Cheney is working on more terrorist activities. It'll be bigger and much worse than what he did in 9/11. That's the only ticket republicans have to get back into power.
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    "ATTA" boy Cheney, you da man.
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    At the top of this page is a banner that reads:


    Five minutes? Five minutes? When I see such obvious exaggerations, to be honest it makes it real hard to want to spend time reading any more on THAT web site.
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    Ok lets say the hijackers were in OKC days before 911. They are all young. Seems to me disrespecting a memorial and acting foolish days before they know they're going to die doesn't seem to me to prove anything. Am I missing something?

    "Chris Emery and team were able to obtain the Credit Card receipts from that night, and have spent most of the last 18 months attempting to trace the card numbers, and the authorization of the cards themselves... What was discovered in the end, was that the sequence of numbers on Atta's credit card revealed a unique application only found on U.S. Government Credit cards.... Any further search for information about the card was halted, mainly through a lack of resources..."

    Has anyone besides this Emery guy seen these CC numbers?
    If true it's certainly interesting. It's hard for me to imagine that with such a potential smoking gun he/they couldn't find the "resources" to pursue it further.
  9. When you do additional digging, it comes out this group stayed at the exact same dinky ass motel that McVeigh stayed at (prior to OKC bombings). There is some evidence this group may have dealt with some of the exact same "handlers" too (so WHO gave Atta govt credit card???). That area near OKC has a reputation to those who are "operators" (CIA assets/informants). Basically, the credit card info has gone on deaf agency or govt entity will initiate any investigation (no resources will touch it with a ten foot pole....wonder why....LOL!!!).
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