Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Stosh, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Stosh


    My Charter Cable internet service is getting less and less reliable especially in the evenings. Am in Fort Worth, Tx., FIOS is not available so I guess it is either standard DSL or ATT Uverse that I must consider.
    Would appreciate comments regarding both to help in my decision? Speed is nice but reliability is more important. Thanks, Stosh
  2. wata


    Im in California and Charters has been getting worse. I signed up for ATT Uverse but plan to keep Charter and compare the two. Go to DSL reports for reviews and look for installs in your area.

  3. Stok


    I have ATT Dallas. It rocks, internet and TV is 10x better than anything else out there. It is fiber to the will come into the house via the telephone cord.