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    I download end-of-day market data for stocks, indexes, etc. I wonder if that's large enough to put me over their cap. ATT recently raised my rates by $6 a month without telling me they were going to do so. When I called in to complain, they told me I had been notified by mail. About a week later, I did indeed get a letter telling me they were going to raise my rates.
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    ATT is the worst, they are the old SBC from Texas. They were known for gouging, billing people for services they didn't have, sales calls all hours of day into the night etc. When they bought Pacific Bell they continued all these practices and were consistantly reprimanded and fined by the Ca puc. They will gouge any way they can. They just increased business listing fees in Ca.
  4. Most of the talk has been about charging you a flat fee for x number of gb per month, and then charging for overages.

    This is still very new buy most I have seen have a max of 50gb per month. If you run your trading applications all day and do nothing else, then you will most likely be under the 50gb. If you use the internet for other things in addition to trading then you could easily bump up against that limit, and if you do any heavy downloading like movies then you would be completely out of luck with these new plans.
  5. How can you monitor what was my usage is per day, per month?

    This really bites as we having been using skype with video to Europe every weekend to talk with family.

    And I am in a skype call with other traders all day. I have Comcast and they haven't done this yet.
  6. Currently I am using Bitmeter that I got from I have no idea how accurate it really is, but it seems to be giving me a good estimate. Running multiple trading apps with lots of quotes and charts all day can put it over 1/gb in a day.
  7. (these are all trial balloons to see how subscribers react, my take the herd of goats will do nothing)

    Seem to be targeting the heavy P2P users, but what about Netflix and legit movie downloaders? iTunes subscribers et al.

    (Who wants metered, tiered service on anything, ie cell phone minutes, not worth the hassle of keeping track)l
  8. Thanks will take a look. This may force me to a dual wan router with 2 ISP's and just switch off. Maybe a solution. I expect this nonsense in Europe, because they had it from the inception of residential high speed net, but c'mon in the US.
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    Back when AOL first came out, they billed subscribers by the amount of time you spent on line. It wasn't until about 1996 that they, and other major ISP's, started charging monthly flat fees.
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