Att buying Tmobile. 39b

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  1. I hate Tmobile. Another sprint nextel disaster?
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    QUOTE]Quote from marketsurfer:

    I hate Tmobile. Another sprint nextel disaster? [/QUOTE]
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  4. what happened to the Sprint/T-mobile merger?
  5. Wonder if they'll change their name to AT&T&T ?
  6. so the only major carrier left without an iphone will be sprint? owned..
  7. The Sprint/T-Mobile proposal didn't make sense.

    The Sprint network and the T-Mobile network are NOT compatible. Deutsche Telekom, the owner of TMO, couldn't get the price they wanted for their American subsidiary.

    The ATT/TMO combination fixes all these issues from a TMO perspective. The ATT and TMO networks are the same (GSM) and they got the price they wanted.

    I think ATT paid a full price for TMO, but this deal will put ATT in the number 1 position, ahead of VZ.
  8. so I wonder if current T-mobile customers who are not on contract will have any changes to their terms/service?
  9. VZ will be forced to buy Sprint, but won't want to look desperate. Figure Q4 2011.
  10. Why are they forced to buy sprint? they may not be the biggest but they are doing pretty well with fios, the new iphone, and rolling out lte 4g, and a good reputation as the best carrier in the us.
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