Att-a-Dog Post Your Tripe Here And Give Yannis Back His "Story of Obama" Thread

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. pspr


    Sorry, Yannis.

    That piece of shit att-a-dog aka atticus started a trash talking spree in your thread. Maybe the idiot can take a hint and move his tripe and threats to this thread so you can have your's back.
  2. lol..... this thread has 5 stars already.
  3. You're such an fantastic wind-up toy. Another thread about me for the win! You're a little late, Methusela, as I've already stated I was done in Yannis' thread.

    Yannis, my apologies for the stain your brethren left on the carpet.
  4. pspr


    I see you're still posting in the "Story of Obama" thread, att-a-dog. Leave Yannis his tread and post your hateful tripe over here. You can post here, too, RCG. All the liberal idiots are welcome.
  5. Brass


    Yeah, we really need more of his copy&paste jobs from Morris the Dick.
  6. Wipe you glasses, old man. My last post to that thread was 12:09 Eastern!
  7. pspr


    Just a few minutes before I asked you for the second time to stop.

    For the record I don't wear glasses.

    I'll be waiting for you to honor your threat and show up at my door. We'll be waiting for your agression coward.
  8. pspr


    What a self centered asshole. I've already apologized to Yannis for myself but you can't even take responsibility for your own actions.

    You should apologize for starting your hatefilled rant in his thread. But we know you can't because you DON'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS.
  9. For the record, you sent your address unsolicited and willingly. I am not a stalker and never mentioned traveling to your home, Dallas or anywhere in TX. So either you're suffering from dementia, are a liar, or both.

  10. Lucrum


    But you love Dick, I thought it made your nipples hard.
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