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What has the best value for automated intraday trading

  1. Ninjatrader

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  2. OpenQuant

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  3. Tradestation

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  4. Deltix

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  5. X_TRADER | Trading Technologies

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  6. Other

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  1. What makes a software the "best" at ATS ?

    I would say:

    -all in one package that can take the idea to automation as easily as possible
    -allow the user to EASILY create complex strategies
  2. The poll is for platforms that are best for INTRADAY/DAYTRADING ATS

    If other, just comment the name of the platform.

    And guys/gals, this post have had 76 views but only 4 votes. Come on.. vote!
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    I would judge any and all platforms on the level of support provided for live, 100% hands-off automated trading.

    To me, the most important thing is the ability for a live traded strategy to recover from a loss of connectivity, and/or a plain restart, without losing track of its positions and open orders.

    From the list, I only have experience with Ninja, and from that operations side of things it lacks the following:

    - a public API to reload historical data from the strategy (there is one, but it is undocumented, and really hard spot even using Reflection)

    - an embedded mechanism to restart a strategy from its last know position and open-orders (this is all left to to programmer to do)
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