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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by ML_QUANT, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. This should make you wan to cry on what you've been missing, utilizing the very Bloated and handicapped TransAct Futures platform...:mad:
  2. Lorenzo


    Any serious trader can't use Onyx crap platform
  3. You need to use NT with Zenfire feed or XTrader7.....only good viable choices these days from what I can see (Trademaven may be getting back in the running if they can keep their feed solid and reliable).
  4. judging by the features shown in this video, well it seems better than anything else on the market, feature wise. However since I have never used or seen it in ops. have no clue as to it's reliability, speed and stability etc. maybe if you are familiar with it you could enlighten us.
    For my liking the only thing missing is an API or I would have signed up already.
  5. Lorenzo


    Give a try to CQG Trader

    Simple, no rich of features,....but it's solid, fast, reliable.
    Probably the best platform out there
  6. Thanks, this will solve half the problem perfectly and, now the other half, who would be a low comm (max .50/side+fees with min mothly comms gauranteed ) who could use CQG with?
  7. Try TT with Velocity, negotiate your commissions and have access to the TT API also using the TT forum and the TT developers site.
  8. Thanks, have already tried Velocity but they couldn't give me the rate I was looking for and additionally the TT 650 / moth is not attractive for me, since I do not use any feature of any platform other than the front end order entry. Already got the rate I'm looking for with a major firm but their API uses FIX which is fine too, just an additional learning curve which shouldn't be too hard with only about 42 functions I guess. I would have preferred CQG for the same rates though.

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