Atn. Brokers: 50k Acnt. 2.5k+ avg rt/month will pay .80 comm rt

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  1. Must have API to accommodate Order Entry / Modifications and Cancellations at a minimum. No platform needed.

    Data fees used for Orders need to be included as well as Clearing.

    Ready to open account Today!
    Please respond here or PM at will.

    * if 2500 average monthly volume not met, will pay heft monthly fee.
  2. Call Velocity Futures....XTrader7 with API.....should be able to get you what you are looking for.
  3. thanks, I tried a couple of months back, very nice salesperson but the best offered was 3.98 all in! that translates to 3.98 - 2.3 = 1.68 / rt :eek:
  4. Let me see what I can put together for you. Contact me directly

    Also sent you a pm with my direct #
  5. Busted pal, let me guess by any chance is your name Charles?


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    I've had an account w/ United Futures since 99. My backup accounts have never compared and Ive been through a lot. Their guy Charles knows what traders want and delivers.
  6. Guys I warn you this person seems unstable.