Atlernative energy stocks

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  1. I'm interested in alternative energy sources especially alternative fuel. If you have any good ideas or references. A list or a sector?


    FCEL, BLDP, and PLUG
  3. Thanks.
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    Jumped into this at 2.40, wanted to get it around 1.8 but had no funds at the time.

    Also BP is the bigboy in all alternative energy and has been for a while. I think they are gonna go on a acquisition streak.

    Also, GE recently bought 80% of AstroPower's assets (solar) in a BK auction.
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  6. Query

    Would this fall under the class of free energy, magnetic energy, alternative energy, all three, or other?

    If you've not heard of free energy I highly suggest getting informed. Now this stuff has some serious conspiracy theories to it.
  7. This is what I've in mind when I think of investing in alt energy. Is there a prediction of when ESLR will become profitable?

    Solar and alternative gas fuels.

    What size of a position do you recomend, I'm thinking about five percent? Looks like it's in for a retracement to about 2.80.

    only 16 million shares is good
    earnings call on may 4 (i'll wait for the report).

    Is eslr the largest solar panel producing company?
  8. There is no "free" energy in term of energy as energy/matter cannot be created - as well as money although some seem to ignore .... . But as the energy in this technology comes mostly from magnetic field that you don't need to PAY unlike electricity - that is also used in this system - the return in monetary term is huge since it is 3 times more return for the same electricity consomptium than with traditional devices. Because it still needs some electricity at input General Electric and petroleum firms won't be totally in bankruptcy yet they just have to create more demand and it's easy demand is always growing with human need's of more comfort :D.
    Now they can tax the "air" under the pretext of protecting the magnetic field of earth then the cost of magnetic field will be no more less than electricity :D. Of course this means also huge benefits for ecology as there is no pollution and above all there is no more energy problem for humanity ... and that of course can annoy some people who exploit scarcity :D.

    I had the url from a scientific article but it's in french and on paper magazine so I can't post it.