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    From my conversation with the firm they have the following:

    1. your leverage is based on your daily profits and losses. as you start to make more money you get more bp. most traders have 500k and up

    2. overnight at 10-1 for senior traders

    3. training is hands on and ongoing

    4. a trader receives a k1

    5. no contract, just paperwork. you are not bound to stay with us and the is not a non-compete-

    Shouldn't the firm have a contract that includes the price per share, frequency of payout, etc???

    6. 2k cap contribution- fist 10k payout is 70% next 10k payout at 85% the rest is 99%
    3k cap contribution-first 10k payout is 80% next 10k payout is 85% the rest is 99%
    4k cap contribution- first 10k payout is 90% next 10k payout is 95% the rest is 99%
    5k cap contribution-99%

    7. commissions- starts at .006 cents/share thereafter can go down to as low as .0035 cents/share

    8.No software or desk fees

    9.Programs we use are: e-signal-for data (quotes, charts, graphs, etc.)
    Anvil-execution system (to put trades on)
    Whisper-filtering system (searching for certain stocks)
    also have Trade The News

    All opinions are greatly appreciated.
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  4. Question, which exchange are they members of? Or are they not a broker dealer? They use anvil, is that assent? sub firm?

    Then I can offer an opinion.

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    They only trade NYSE, so I assume it's that exchange.
  6. Don't show up on NYSE or NASD.

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    Cgroup, thanks for your replies.

    I got more info. Atlas is a branch of Assent(bad CEO:-( , who happens to be registered with the NASD.

    Atlas is a self clearing firm.