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  1. Any one ever heard of Atlas trading at all? Seems like a small firm, I ran accross a job posting from them.
  2. Well i has once gone to the firm some time ago
    Nice firm
    They Trade NYSE only ( no nasdaq ) which is good as nyse is very hot now
    They will train you They will sponser u for a series 7
    Minum $5K down
    The guy who i spoke to was also a nice guy explaing me everything nicely
    They do not scalp
    Welll that was my personal experience
    I do not trade there
  3. What caught my attention was in an email they sent me, they said that Senior traders, besides trading NYSE stocks intraday, can trade options, conversions, futures, and can swing trade. I haven't heard of another place that allows you to trade stocks, options, and futures at the same place.
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    I met with them about 2 yrs ago. They are the first prop shop I ever met with. Seemed like a legit place, safe place for your money. I never signed up with them because I was consulting and still am. What I remember is the guy will straight up tell you there are better deals out there, but they have classes and teach you how to trade. I remember back in Oct. 2004, they had 2k down with 70% pay out - 5K down with 90% payouts. Rates were steep though, 1.5 cents starting out, then they lower it as you go.

    My feedback is from a while ago, since then they have updated their website and probably have new deals, who knows?
  6. looks like they are part of carlin/generic.