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    I'll be traveling to Atlanta this weekend Sept 22/23. Is there any historic of famous restaurants that I should go for lunch or dinner? I'm not looking for something stuck up, just a fun place to go or something with historic value.

    Also, any sites I should check out? I'll be going to the Aquarium & Coca Cola. Any other sites I should see? Or tips of certain attractions at the Aquarium or at Coca Cola that I should check out.

    Thanks for the help,
  2. Lucrum


    I'm sure you could have found that link on your own. I'm only posting it out of embarrassment from not being able to help despite living here for 8 years.
    In my defense I'm out of town nearly half the time and, because of that, tend to stay home most of the other half.
  3. Check this out, but put it on the company expense account. :D

    If you like civil war history, we've got plenty of that. Definitely check out the aquarium, but expect long lines. If you like the party scene, then hit Buckhead. If you've got time and like the mountains head north on 400 to Dahlonega, GA.

    Have fun.
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    The Varsity is both historic and famous, but there is only so much hot dog you can do. Try the onion rings, the "FO" (frosted orange) and the fried peach pies, as the reviewer suggested. It is also not too far from your destinations. The High museum and the Carter center are also good destinations. If you don't mind travelling a little, Stone mountain and the Atlanta zoo are also nice. Here are more restaurant choices:
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    Yea, I called this place up. Appetizers are from $13-$17 and Entree's $23-$48. My best guess is that its $100 a head. A little out of my budget.
  6. I've lived here 17 years, so I know my way around. As far as historic dining, not so much any more. The Varsity down by Georgia Tech is historic, but is on the same quality scale as dog food. Try the ribs at Fat Matt's Rib Shack, but get there early for lunch or you'll wait in line.

    For historic places to visit, it's mostly centered around Civil War history. Try the Cyclorama in Grant Park, Kennesaw Mountain, Stone Mountain, or the Atlanta History Center.

    Maybe catch the Braves if they are playing when you're here.
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    I ended up eating at 2 places.
    1) McCormick and Schmidt
    2) The Varsity

    McCormick, was a bad idea, I was supposed to eat at "Thrive". However we saw the McCormick on the way there and didn't want to walk another 3 blocks. Food/Ambiance was sub par for the price.

    The Varsity, hot dogs were average. I'm not a big fan of hot dogs not made on a grill. I've tried deep fried hot dogs in the past, they are by far my favorite. The Onion rings were the best I have ever had, and the peach pie was nothing to rave about. I would definitely go back just for the onion rings.

    Has anyone been to "Thrive", I hear they serve soup inside of a hollowed out onion.